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K2 Cinch vs. Flow bindings

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Stopped in to my local shop to pick up some screws to repair my daughter's Flow bindings yesterday.  While waiting for the sales clerk to go in the back to the tech area and dig through their stash of mounting screws, got to talking with another of the sales guys.  My local shop has elected to drop the Flow line in favor of the K2 brand due to the Cinch model.  He showed me how the Cinch model works and, at least from a theoretical viewpoint, I was quite impressed.  This binding seems to take all of the good things I like about the Flow binding that both my daughter and I use and combine it with all the adjustibility of a "regular" two strap binding.  Almost bought a set right there, but had to go and 'check it out' a bit on the web first.

Done a bit of digging and have seen a number of 'great idea - poor quality' type of posts.  Wondering what the experience has been here?  Anyone had a chance to use these bindings? Do they hold up well?
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I don't think durability is an issue with the Cinch.  It works well for what it is.  Weight on the other hand is an issue.  Last years model was lighter, but it was still a tank.  I have not checked out this years model.  Flows used to have the rep of being heavy binders, but they are now some of the more light weight models out there.  Especially in their higher end binders. 

If I had to choose between the two, I'd go with Flow myself. 

If you want a quick binder though, the K2 Auto is great.  It's a two strap design that tightens the toe strap when you ratchet the ankle strap.  The 1st generation binder had an issue where the cable that tightened the toe strap could fray.  They have since addressed the problem and I haven't heard any complaints about it.  The set up is simple and it works great. I will say that K2 has really stepped up their game in the binding department.  For a regular two strap binder, check out the Formulas and (I believe they are still making both models) Sweaters.  The Cinch has kind of become a dinosaur in their line up, imo.
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Simply due to the price point and what I could find actually available and for sale, I settled on some new Flow's - specifically the Flow Five's.  Rode them for the first time today in about 4 - 6 inches of new powder at Copper.  Really a nice step up from my old Amp 5 Flows.  I like the somewhat new strap design better.  It does a better job of distributing pressure across the foot and I really liked the new Mini-ratchets as I was able to tighten up the binding after the first couple of runs without taking my board off.  The Mini-ratchets are a bit on the touchy side and require a bit of effort to make them work, more so, to me than a conventional strap system.  All in all, I'd give 'em 4 out of 5 stars.
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I took out a set of Flow NXT ATFSE (mouth full) binders at the Loveland demo days yesterday.  I took out six sets of bindings and the Flow was the winner.  The new design of the strap is much improved.  You set one side to the right length and then mini ratchet the other side to your preference.  I had these much snugger than what I could ride my old AT's at and had no problem slipping my foot in and out.  Super responsive.  It is also very light.  The binder looks to be a lot more durable than previous generations.  Of course durability is something that needs to be tested over the long term, for which I will not have  chance to do.  Still, it was a quality binder.

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I ride the Flow's as well. As others have said the Cinch is a little to complicated and very much a boat anchor. Having said that the Flows certainly have there short comings as well.

 Mainly they have bought into Burton's idea that all bindings should use the most obscure and difficult to repair hardware! Grrr....

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