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Where next...

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(seems we can't delete posts and threads!)

[ May 12, 2003, 10:35 PM: Message edited by: ant ]
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Snowbird. Wouldn't you just love a season pass to the greatest snow on earth?
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Well, you know, as you get old and boring, stuff like the whole picture comes to cloud the issue a bit. Stuff like the type of work, amount of work, living conditions, training and general "feeling" in SS, ease of getting around, pay (!)...

Snowbird is a great place though. 'specially wiht Alta right next door.
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I would rather ski at Snowbird, but I would live in Ketchum.
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I would imagine the tipping situation is much better at Sun Valley.
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Snow Bird = Very Reliable, Very Good Snow. Ambience
is a little weak.

Sun Valley = Very Reliable, Very Flush Clientele and
a year round mountain town with some real class.
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Ant, I would think that life as an instructor in SV would be pretty good. They have some of the best groomed, high-speed cruisers anywhere and SV/Ketchum is a fantastic little community.

Snowbird's great, of course, but I bet you'd make a lot more money (aren't I crass? : ) at Sun Valley.

Also, it's not like you're choosing between Toledo and Paris. Sun Valley or Snowbird would each be great in its own way.

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That's why the choice is so hard! They are both great. I guess my focus is more the lower-end people, and nervous types, so less than stellar snowfalls aren't such an issue.

[ May 12, 2003, 10:34 PM: Message edited by: ant ]
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