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Somewhat "new" to skiing

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  Well I started when I was 5 but never really enjoyed it THAT much, have since been doing a lot of DH mountain biking and such in the summer but I really need something to do so I got some Rossignol Viper skis and I don't know the boot, but everytime I go skiing it seems like I come back and not only are my toes freeeeeezing but my big toe is sore from pressing on the front of the boot so much ( I dont know if its from leaning back to much) I just got them last year. So this has really made me not want to go skiing very much. i can ski some black diamonds but mostly due blue runs. I ski at Alta here in Utah BTW... So is there anything I can do to keep my toes warm and prevent from just pressing hard against front of boot? Right when i get home from skiing it is a BIG realief to take my boot off.

Please Help.
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 Short answer: move your hips forward

Chances are you are in the back seat which, in a boot that is too large or the heel instep diameter is too large (lower level boots), will allow your toes to jam into the front of the boot.  If the boot is properly sized, a tongue pad can be added to pull the foot back more and/or more room created at the toe area by grinding or stretching.

If you are getting into the back seat because of poor technique, a few lessons could be the ticket.  If you are a confident and competent skier, perhaps this problem is caused by less than ideal fore/aft alignment and can be corrected with a visit to a reputable boot fitter in your area.  Check with Brent Amsbury in Park City.

Good luck!
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Ok, I will try that but do you have any tips for keeping my toes and fingers warm?
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disposable toe / hand warmers

intuition liners


down jacket

warm hat/helmet

put up your hood

mitts not gloves

less cafine

less alcohol

more water
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 and don't smoke
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One last thing,

I have Rossignol Viper X1 skis and they are exactly up to my mouth in height. I read somewhere it is for beginner to intermediatte skiers at slow to medium speeds. I currently can go down a few of the blacks at Alta and stuff and can do good turns (need to work on keeping my skis together and parrellel just a little bit more though) and I have noticed, just past Saturday it was snowing up at Snowbird Ski Resort, I am not sure if they groomed it or not or if the powder or something from the snow, but it seems me skis wobble around quiet a bit mostly at higher speeds and also become unstable making some turns as if i am hitting bumps I can't even see which throw me off, I am not sure if it is like this on a freshly groomed day but I am just making sure I don't need new skis to match my experience level. I definatly don't want my skis to hold me back of what I am capable of.

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Wobbly boots = wobbly skis.  Back seat skiing = wobbly everything.

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IN addition to Brent you could also see Steve Bagley at Snowbird.

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