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Natur Teknik - direct parallel

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INTERNATIONAL SKIING HISTORY ASSOCIATION latest issue (June) has a great article about Walter Foeger, the founder of a direct parallel system in the late 1950s.

I skied with the man in the late 60's. The area that I was skiing at was trying to go with the newly formed PSIA(1962), and only acknowledged the other "official" techniques... French, Austrian. I never pursued the Natur Teknik.

I ran into a certified instructor a few months ago, but the topic of this old direct parallel didn't surface. Are there any Bears lurking that were exposed to this system?

Oh, the issue posted on the web site is the March issue talking about CLiff Taylor... the founder of GLM, another direct parallel system.

Both are great reading. Great organization to belong to.
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Cool! I love that site! is anyone going to the Vermont Ski Musuem opening at Stowe?
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I'll be there on Saturday, Aug 17. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]

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Good find Keetov. The ISHA is a great organization too--I'm glad you posted a link to their site. Tons of information, and some great old photos, posters, cartoons, and illustrations--anyone interested in the history of our sport should check them out!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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While ISHA is updating their website, here is the original article on the first founder of a direct parallel system.

I have to admit, it looked funny watching him ski.

The article says the technique was taught as recently as 1991 in the U.S. Why did it "die out"? Any info on how the technique actually worked? Did shaped skiis eliminate the need for this style?
Walter Foeger

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It's amazing how much things have NOT changed, isn't it?

"in the 1920's and 30's, ... in a moment of inspiration, [Foeger] proposed a direct teaching approach to the holy grail of skiers – parallel skiing."

Still the Holy Grail for so many, and still pursued with religious fervor.... Foeger had posters printed up that said "No Snowplowing..."

As with current "direct parallel" programs, Foeger's methodology earned both praise and ridicule. And he thrived in the controversy, recognizing even then that "Better zum press zen no press".

"Foeger decided to test his new theories on a few classes of beginning skiers, while still teaching other classes the conventional way. The results, he found, were dramatically in favor of his different approach...."

Sounds familiar too. I wonder what the equivalent to EpicSki was back then!

Well, got to go. The power just went out in the whole town of Silverthorne, for some strange reason--street lights, everything. This happens here all the time in lightning storms. But it's a crystal clear, windless, starry night...almost spooky! Aren't batteries great?

Best regards,
Bob Barnes

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Natur was taught at Timber Hill Pa. in the mid 60's by Ernie Mullbauer. He was Austrian and spent more time trying to teach me to wedeln...

So yes, I can attest that it was here but at the time "flicking my tails" was just so cool .... :

Thanks for prompting a memory .. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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