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Bootfitter or good boot shop in LA that won't cost a fortune

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After an 11 year hiatus to the midwest and east coast, I am back in Cali (although not nearly close enough to Tahoe!) Haven't skied nearly as much as I'd like to have in the past 11 years, but did buy a new pair of boots two years ago that I HATE! I have VERY VERY narrow feet, ankles, and heels. The boots I used in the past that worked pretty well for me were Tecnica TI8's womens (purchased in 1995.) I was most recently bought a pair of Nordica's that are just ridiculously too wide for me. Me thinks they need to get returned to REI. Anyway, I am hoping to find a bootfitter or a really reputable shop here in the LA basin who can get me into an adequate pair of boots for the occasional trip to the hill I might take this year. I can't justify the cost of an incredibly expensive boot fitter with as little as I get to ski, but at this rate, I have no desire to ski at all with the boots I have. But with the early snow here, the mountains are calling me! (Hello, Mammoth??!!)

Any advice on brands and a good shop here (I live in the Southbay) would be most appreciated! 
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 Wait til you  get to  Mammoth and visit Footloose or  the mountain  shop.   Get a narrow lasted boot.
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With the way it's been snowing down here, I might take a trip up to Big Bear first (did I just say that??!) which rules out using the guys at Mammoth. Any brands I should at least try in addition to Tecnica? Maybe a youth boot (I wear a 23.5, almost a 7.5 in street shoes.)
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 It is not about the brand, it is about the model. Nearly every brand makes wide, medium and narrow boots.
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 With a narrow and small foot a junior race boot or a softer flexing adult race boot may work well for you.  Race boots are generally narrower lasted and more closely fitted to the foot.  Junior boots are much less expensive too!  Sorry I don't know anyone in Big Bear any longer who fits boots unless "Benny" still has his shop?  
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Anyone used the guys at Ski Net sports in Studio City?
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 You are asking that question in the wrong forum.  We are all boot fitters here and generally do not "use" other shops!?

We are also giving FREE advice here, you can take it or leave it.  Would you like us to send you a free pair of boots too?  Go to Sport Chalet and buy a door buster special and have the kid on the floor fit them for you!  I am sure you will be happy and will have saved a ton of money!  Good luck amigo!  
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Wow, Bud, just, wow. I asked about Ski Net sports because they came up as "Master Boot Fitters" on a search on THIS site. Wasn't sure if any of you were familiar with them. But hey, next time the military decides to haul your ass all over the country every couple of years, which makes it really hard to lay down roots anywhere and make these kind of connections, I'll be sure to send you a free SOMETHING. Your nasty attitude towards me was really uncalled for.
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 [moderator hat on]
you may think that Buds response to you was uncalled for, BUT the question you asked is not one any fitter on the forum can answer, if you want to know what kind of service you will recieve from a store which is not owned by suggested by the fitters on here then the place to ask is in the general forum...this way the general membership can give you personal testomony
i think the list you may have found the store on is some years out of date, but as a web forum the information is held on the system for people to search

the intention of this section of the forum is to give advice on specific problems that you may be encountering regarding boot fitting, whilst it is very difficult to resolve many issues over the net we hope that we can be of some guidance...... questions such as what boot should i buy? , what is X shop like? will generally not get the best responses

[/moderator hat off]

i do not know the shop concerned but it is less about the shop than the fitter who does the work, ask in the general forum for personal experiences, but beyond that it is a case of pays your money and takes your chances, the stores recomended in this section are either owned /operated by the boot fitters or know to them to be top level stores, it is not that anyone is having a go, we just all want the same thing for you...a properly fitted pair of boots which work for your feet and your skiing
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Well I apologize for my confusion. In the world where I am a bit of an "expert" (arabian horses) most trainers and high level competitors know each other, from all over the country. I used that network to find a great trainer when we moved in October.

I'm certainly not looking for a free pair of boots--what an insulting statement--just thought the bootfitters would have a similar network set up as the one I mentioned above. (Clearly they do to an extent.) I'm still a little confused as to why asking is so insulting to some people. I see someone else has asked a similar question on THIS forum, and also in the general forum. I'll see what kinds of responses he gets.
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the network of boot fitting is pretty small, there are lots of wanabes out there who do good fitting at times but then do some stupid stuff too this it the only reason why we keep the referrals within the group of fitters posting here

if you want to go to the store you have suggested then i would suggest that you read the wikis on boot fitting and go in as an educated consumer...with this education you will be able to spot a good fitter and tell them apart form a boot seller
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Thanks, CEM. I will do that.
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 Sorry Contesstant, for getting sarcastic.  I gave you sound advice in the first three posts but you chose to ignore it.

You are asking us for FREE help to find a GOOD boot fitter who will sell you boots CHEAP and fit them like a pro. 

All I can say is you will get what you pay for.   If you want a GOOD VALUE, spend the time and money to see a reputable boot fitter and you may or may not pay a bit more up front but will save lots of time and money down the road by getting the proper boot for your foot and needs and a properly fit and aligned boot so your valuable skiing time will be the most enjoyable.

Sorry, I get frustrated sometimes leading horses to water but seeing them make the same mistakes time and again.
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I didn't ignore it, Bud, it just wasn't going to work out well for me. I guess I should have explained my situation better. I am hamstrung in my search by several things so really DO need to keep it as local as possible. So while I would love to take your advice and visit the guys at Mammoth, it's just not the most feasible option at this time.

And I never said CHEAP--I'm definitely aware you get what you pay for. I have unfortunately have learned the hard way that poor-fitting boots create a miserable skiing experience.

I did get some great advice via PM by someone who commented that my quadriceps fatigue (after one run!) among other issues are very possibly due to poor-fitting boots. If only I had been told that by some of the instructors I have taken lessons from! I really look forward to having some great equipment that will help me get past the "intermediate hump" as I do love skiing! 
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 No problem!

I hear your pain.  I am a instructor and examiner as well as a shop owner and boot fitter, so I know that most instructors haven't a clue about recognizing the difference between poor technique and poor boot alignment.  Trust me, I have been on a mission for years to improve on this fact.  I conduct clinics each season for instructors where they get to ski a variety of alignment parameters to experience how changing any one of these parameters affects the skier's movements and performance.  We are moving in the right direction but it will take time!

Again, please accept my apologies as I did not intend to come off mean, just a bit sarcastic to impress a point.
my bad.
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No problem! Unfortunately, humor and other things often get lost in translation in the written vs. spoken word.
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