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I am purchasing a pair of Stockli Laser Cross Pro (flat) 2008 edition.  I need help with choosing what sort of binding to put on.  I have my old Marker Motion Custom AT bindings from a pair of 2005 Volkl P60 that I may just throw on.  Or should I purchase a new binding all together?  I am 5'11, 200 lbs. advanced- expert skier, who likes to ski as fast as possible on any condition with some jumps thrown in once in a while, ski mostly the North East (Stowe, Le Massif, Tremblant, Jay Peak).  My dilemma with my older bindings is that they are on a ski with a 65mm underfoot and I will be going up to a 72mm underfoot ski,  Will the ski arms fit on the new skis or will I have to automatically look for new bindings?  If I have to buy a new pair, what brands should I be looking at and does anyone have a good pair available?