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Upper Level Coaching Experiences

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In the "Learning Carry-over.." thread Vera alluded to successful skier/coach partnerships for "upper levels" of skiing. In the "What's your philosophy" thread Nolo talked a little bit about here experiences along these lines. Many others have briefly touched upon this subject as well.

I thought it might be worthwhile to extend an invitation for people to talk about their experiences and partnerships related to "upper level skiing." I for one would be very interested to hear about skier/coach relationships, coaching philosophies, student/learning philosophies, approaches, techniques, successes, failures, difficulties in establishing a partnership, or just about anything else people would like to comment on in this regard.
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Well I can honestly say I have been quite spoilt at one of my resorts... my main instructors have always been examiners & REALLY good...
The first was a Staatliche(?sp?) as well as an Oz examiner - really fun guy! He is now head of race department... when he left the teaching staff he selected 2 instructors to work with me - both examiners - the ski school selected the one that I could ski with most & we still ski together.
His description is that he 'coaches' me - not instructs & that is pretty close to how it feels to me. We spend a lot of time skiing & then discussing the 'feel' on the chair - very little doing drills or exercises. This guy can somehow con me into doing things I just wouldn't THINK about doing - always with a cheeky grin on his face... This is the instructor that managed to get me into a halfpipe when I just DIDN'T take my feet of the snow at start of season... my instructor at the other resort was quite amazed when I turned up & jumped off little bumps & kickers the race kids built - I just don't jump!
I cook dinner for him & the other instructors & supervisors a fair bit - we are friends. The other instructors take me skiing after my lessons if they are not working.

At my other resort I ski with an APSI 2(trainer over there) & a CSIA 3 (going for 4 now).
The first is my current longest acting instructor - he tunes my skis & mounts my bindings. I lend him my car & feed him lunch & cookies. We are good friends & there is a LOT of mutual respect going on. He uses trips out of the resort as my incentive to get me to improve... He has been described by the ski school directors wife(austrian) as 'too tough on himself' - & he sets high expectations. He was the first to tell me I WOULD ski as well as a normal person - it would just take me more work & time to get there. We have off-season email discussions & he sets me off season exercises to work on.

The CSIA 3 is my shortest time instructor - lovely guy who works very hard at building my confidence in my skiing ability by stretching my limits as much as possible. Again we exchange email off season & I skied with him when I was in Whistler & had a bad experience with a ski improvement course that damaged my self esteem on skis. He had to put me back together again so I didn't live that experience all summer back here.

Probably the thing in common with all the above is that in all cases it is more a FRIENDLY relationship than an 'instructor/student' one - the main advantage to the guys of me skiing better is that they get to ski where & how they want more as I improve
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