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Lindsey Vonn Wants Your Design On Her Head

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I don't think anyone has posted this yet, but here's something fun for the artistic crowd here:

Lindsey Vonn wants to see your designs for a gold medal-worthy ski helmet

As the best Alpine skier in the world over the past two seasons, America's Lindsey Vonn has big plans for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver – and they could include you!

Lindsey invites you to contribute your original artwork for a chance to be selected for the customized helmet she will wear on the slopes in Vancouver. Whether you are an aspiring professional graphic designer or just like to doodle all day, this is your chance to inspire her, amaze her, and convince her that your design will be the one she wants for her Olympic helmet.

To enter, watch as Lindsey breaks down what she's looking for when it comes to headwear fit for a downhill champion. Next, you'll want to download the design guidelines. Use the submission form below to enter your design into the competition.

All designs must be uploaded by Monday, December 21 2009.

Check out http://www.nbcolympics.com/lindseys-helmet/ for more info and to submit.

I, for one, think any designs coming from Bears should have an easter egg of the EpicSki logo in there
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Anything is better than the Red Bull logo. Wonder if that has to be worked in? Maybe even a bonus payment if it is. She's worthy of a much better sponsor by now.
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Mike, my understanding is that they pay very well....

that said, I would suggest the colbert nation logo may be a good one.
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The whole reason for the contest is, so far as I can tell, because she can't wear the Red Bull logo on her helmet at the Olympics. Both the FIS and the IOC have detailed rules on what commercial logos can appear where and how big they can be, but the IOC rules are more stringent.

FIS rules allow racers to have one "helmet sponsor," in addition to equipment sponsors. Olympic rules don't allow any commercial names or logos on anything, unless they're for the item itself. Vonn's helmet can say "Uvex" (twice), but it can't say "Red Bull" at all (or have the Red Bull colored blue-and-silver squares).

Maybe a little less obvious, but: FIS rules also allow companies who sponsor the national association to splash their logos here and there on suits. Olympic suits don't have these: they just say Spyder (and USA, of course).

Perhaps a little odd, but consistent with how the IOC treats other sports. Those with long memories may recall that back in the '70s, the IOC insisted on blacking out logos for the companies that made the equipment itself.
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 A green portrait of the cow that she won.
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Product placement fits 
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Darn it!  I missed that boat!  Wish I saw it before the deadline!   jacquesmayou.com

Thanks for the info anyway ReducedFatOreo!
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