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Fellow Bears, feel my loss.

My wife gave me a pair of Head carbon poles for Christmas a couple years back. One of them is now sitting on top of a small cliff, taunting me. I can't get back up there to get it (thank you, Mr Nobody, for offering to go to your car, get a rope, and give me a hand in the obvious folly of trying to get the pole down. It was enough that you waited half the morning as I tried to climb back up to it. I later discovered that my probe was broken when I was up there in the pm trying to knock the pole off the cliff. The angle is just impossible, behind that big rock and all).

Anyhoo, what should I buy? Titanium or carbon?  I really liked those carbon thingies, but what's the word on titanium? 

Also, a quick word on sizing. My wife gave me the Head poles in a 120 cm, to match just about every pole I've had for the last 20 years. But Head sizing seems different. I ultimately had to swap down and get a 115, which is just a half cm or so shorter than my old Scott 120's. This all makes me very reluctant to order poles on line. Anyone else had this experience?

Later in the season, I will photograph my pole up on that cliff. Or maybe figure out a way to rappel down...