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Can anyone tell me if there are significant differences between the "Equipe" and "Demo" versions of the 10 2V skis.

I skied Equipe 10 3Vs a few years ago, absolutely loved them and have always thought I'd buy a pair if I found them used.

Then the other day I saw a pair of 10 2Vs for sale online for a great price.
I went to buy them and it turns out they're "Demo" rather than "Equipe" 10 2Vs.

They're in great condition and at $80 I had to give them a try.

Haven't skied them yet but I can't find any info online to tell me if there's much difference between the two.

I'm assuming that the "demo" version will have the same sidecut dimensions as the "equipe" but might be a little softer but if anyone knows the answer I'd love to hear it.

Thanks. (Yup, I did get the poles as part of the deal. Cheeky, eh!?)

Salomon Demo10 2V