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Sperm Turns???

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Could someone tell me what kind of turn a skier is making when he is said to be making "sperm turns"? :
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Locked feet, usually in the backseat, forcing their skis to turn using a powerful upper body counter-rotary movement. Funny name isn't it?
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Another way to look at it is it describes tail waggers.
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Also has been called "Dig Me" skiers, because its a style of skiing often not motivated by wanting to feel good, but rather by *thinking* it looks good.
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.....or in the powder, Western Pig turns. [img]smile.gif[/img]----Wigs :
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Here in Utah where men are men and all the sheep are scared we call em "California butt turners".

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hula hoopers

butt waggers/hooker turns


lost in the 60s

image-conscious, skill-deficient pseudo-experts

inefficient skiers who work too hard

windshield wipers


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