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Nukage here in CB

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Woke up with another 10" of fresh at 5am and it is still coming down nicely (now reporting 18 in the last 24).  Supposed to go another 18 to 24 hours. Sounds like it is mainly a SW Colo event. Silverton, T-Ride, Monarch and of course Wolf Creek (reporting 28 in the last 24) all looking dreamy right now but I am sure the I-70 are getting their share of wintery goodness.

Just thought I'd share.
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Aren't you something!
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Oh I am all that and a bag of donuts!

Unfortunately, I have to head to the east coast tomorrow so no soup for me!
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The I-70 Front Range mountains have been getting shafted so far, but friends in the mountains are reporting that it's finally snowing up there at a pretty good clip.
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