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Atomic SX 9

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Hi guys, my friend wants to buy 2007-2008 Atomic SX 9. I'm wondering if this WAS a good ski, because it is discontinued now. But as far as I have researched, SX 9 was a brilliant pair of ski. One more thing, what is the equivalent of SX 9 currently? (From Atomic's line of product)
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Something more about your friend, please? Skill level, what/where he likes to ski, etc.
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I'd say upper intermediate. He's been skiing for 5 years. Not excellent, not bad. He likes the piste, no powder or anything...
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Based on SX11 and SX10 and a little extrapolation, think your friend should shoot higher, unless he weighs less than about 130 lbs.  The SX11 might not shine at slower speeds or in moguls, but so long as your not going to take it in soft snow, it's just fine.  The SX10 isn't as strong in grip or stable at very high speeds as the SX11, but most folks don't notice that.  I wouldn't recommend anything lower on the performance skill.
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I've skied the SX10s and I didn't like them. My normal groomer skis are SL12s and I was expecting them to be similar other than the radius being slight longer but they felt very different. The edge hold, hook up and sharp feel just wasn't there.

I'm a level 7 skier at just under 150lbs and the SL12s are just right for me in terms of stiffness. If he can carve turns decently he should definitly go for more ski since if he can pressure his skis well enough to do this than he can go stiffer with no problems. If he wants a 16m radius ski a better choice would be the Fischer RC4 RC (probably also cheaper) or Atomic LT12.

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I had a pair of the SX 9 a couple years ago in a 180 cm. The shop I could get stuff at the time on a barter arrangement didn't carry the SX 11 , which was the ski I really wanted. The ski was very solid, had very good grip on ice, and was more ski than what I thought it woud be. At that length , it wasn't a great short turner and actually might have been too stiff in the bumps and maybe even a bit too long.

I would suggest looking at a ski with more sidecut and a tighter turning radius but that's my preference skiing on short hills most of the time.
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I ski my SX-10 on "Eastern Packed Powder" days. I think it does a very decent job. It's not overly stiff and it's manageable in most conditions, including bumps and trees.

You said you were an upper intermediate. Is that by terrain you ski on or by skill? Reason I ask is that if your skills are towards the beginners, these skis might be a bit stiff for you unless you plan on doing only easier terrains, especially if you're light and short.
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