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What happened to my bases?

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I have a pair of Head IM82 skis. They are 3 years old. I was checking them out last night and noticed that on one of the skis the bases along the edges of the ski are slightly rippled. It is subtle but it is there. I can see it and feel that it is rippled. I've read before that the early IM88 skis from Head had problems with sidewall construction and the company subsequently reinforced the sidewalls on newer versions. Has anyone seen this before? Any suggestions on what to do?
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Are the bases slightly proud of the edges? I don't know about any special Head problems but i have experienced base material becoming partially detached at the edges. Sometimes this is attributed to overheating of rhe edge metal while waxing that might have caused a failure of the base bond where it lies over the underlying surface of the edge. Others have suggested faulty construction. The resultĀ seems to have the base material in those areas rise above the edges because it is partially detached.
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Yes the bases are slightly proud of the edges. Interestingly it is only occurring on one ski. I'm the only one who has waxed these skis. I've been doing my own waxing for a long time and have never seen this. IĀ have a top end Toko iron that I've used on many skis.
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How many times have they been ground?
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They have never been ground.
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So are they the 2007 model? I belive they did have a problem with the edges in that year. What color are the skis?
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I believe they are from the first year the IM82 was available. I think it was 2006/07. They are a light green.

What have you heard about the problems with the edges of these skis?
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