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Midwest Skiers (Prefferably MinnSnowta)!

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I was cheating on Epic Ski and farting around on Teton Gravity Research when I came across the Midwest Chatter Thread so I thought I would start one here........Anywho how many of you are from the Midwest or MN? I reside mostly here in the cold and flat state of 10,000 lakes. So, If any of yah are around the Twin Cities I would be happy to make some turns with yah. 

Ill ski Duluth, Welch, and Afton. Mostly kicking it at Mount Kato (Mankato, MN). Let me know. Ill be hoping around all over the state come winter break (36 hours till I am done with school for the semester, I needed a break from finals).
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I live in indiana and use to reside in ohio and do most of my skiing in michigan(nubs nob) can't wait to get some turns in!
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I know all those bumps.  I worked at Buck as an instructor back in the early 80s, but haven't skied there since the mid 90s.  I wish I had a little night skiing dump around the corner again.  It's all good eh?
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I'm in South Eastern Michigan and am excited by this first storm coming through tonight.  Do most skiing ay Boyne and Boyne Highlands.  Can not wait to hit the slopes this season.
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A good four to fine inches and growing right now in southern MN.
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nice to finally get some snow.  Locally we (East Central Iowa) have Sundown (Dubuque) and Chestnut (Galena, Il) which are both opening this friday.   For you lucky Minn dwellers and Mich, you drives to some larger hills are between envious and happy for feelings.

But least wise, the season is finally starting in earnest.
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Boyne Girl, I'm in the Toledo area, south of you and will be heading to boyne for this Friday.  6 for 1 lift ticket.
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I live in Ann Arbor and ski Nubs almost every weekend.  Sometimes seen at other hills. 

Note to self: be sure to hit Searchmont this season.
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New member here...just came over from www.skiingforum.com

I'm from Chicago, so I ski mostly Wisc & Mich area...but venture out West every now & then.
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Grew up skiing at Nor-Ski Runs in Decorah, Iowa.
"Big Hill" trips for us were to Afton, Welch and Mt. LaCrosse.
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I live southwest of Chicago and hit Cascade Mountain every weekend with my 13 y.o. daughter.  We missed the last two weekends due to the weather.  With a three hour drive we were worried about conditions when we got there.

Of course I was watching the webcams all weekend anyway.
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