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7 Springs Opening

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I don't post much so I'm not sure if this is the right place but for all you western PA folks, 7 Springs to open Wagner and adjacent trails this Thursday dec 10th.

(please move if this in in the wrong place)

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I'll be there, hopefully by 10am so that I can pick up my pass before the lifts open at 11am.

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 Can't make opening at Seven Springs, gotta work, but I am hoping to hook up with some Barking Bears to ski the mid-Atlantic this year, so it's good to know you exist. Have a great time, I'm jealous!
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I will be at ESA stowe for 7 springs opening.  I will be there the week of new years though, I am a season pass holder there so i go up frequently.  Let me know.  I typically go on the weekends
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 Howdy-ho (almost) neighbors.

I'm in central PA just off I-80 (started skiing Poconos last year) ... never been to 7 Springs, but I'm so looking forward to getting started for the season I might just drive over.  We've had snow but then rain here in the last 48 hrs.
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