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Contest for the EPIC Skis!!!!

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Make these skis your very own!

You know what you want in a ski. You've logged many miles on the slopes, demoed more than a few pairs of the latest and greatest, and maybe even reviewed them here on EpicSki. Here's your opportunity to exchange your wisdom for your wallet and actually design a pair of EPIC skis for a market of one, and that's YOU! Our own krp8128 (Kyle Pilote) will build the skis to your specifications with a topsheet designed by EpicSki's art director, Peter Galletta, if our panel of experts deems yours the winning entry in our exclusive Contest for the EPIC Skis. All you have to do is write a convincing argument in 300 words or less, with whatever eye candy you choose to include at no charge against the word count, in this thread by the midnight (MST) December 21 deadline. We'll run a poll in a companion thread that will go until midnight December 28, with the winner announced December 29. Must play to win!

Important note: The topsheet of the skis must be as pictured, the base color must be black, and the length must be 186 cm. or less. All other specifications are determined by the contest winner. However, if you want the skis to be longer than 186 cm., or to add carbon fiber or a metal layer to the skis, the following additional costs will apply. Otherwise, the skis are completely FREE OF CHARGE!

  1. Length over 186cm-$25
  2. Carbon Fiber-$50: A single layer of unidirectional carbon fiber added to stiffen the ski along it’s length.
  3. 7075 Aluminum-$125: Essentially generic Titanal®, used to stiffen the ski along both its length and in torsion (twisting), providing enhanced edge grip. Price is due to raw materials and working with caustic etching solution (required for proper bonding).

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To review:

All you need to do to enter is:

  • Explain why you should design the first-ever pair of EPIC Skis in 300 words or less, images not included

  • Post your entry in this thread before midnight (MST) December 21

  • We'll run a poll to determine the winner which will run until midnight (MST) December 28

  • The winner will be announced December 29

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Just a quick concern, I doubt it will be a major issue, but I think we should limit the entry and voting to people who were registered before the contest started that way we don't end up with users creating other accounts to post multiple entries or vote for themselves multiple times.
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Good points! We'll try to maintain fairness as best we can.
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My 1960/70s 210cm Kneissl White Stars, with Look Nevada bindings, can't be surpassed, but I'll have a go at this comp anyway. My ideal ski is a one quiver ski because airlines don't understand this is an El Nino year,and limit us to 1 pair per ski bag. Its 186cm to meet airline bag rules and fit into common ski bags. 186cm is still manoevreable, but long enough to support the 95kg 6 ft mature gent.  It has Carbon and aluminium  to bust crud. It'll hold an edge thru ruts on amateur race courses - the ruts and fog here make the course more SkierX  than GS. And it'll hold an edge on sheet ice (which is common where I ski). And being longer and phatter, it'll work well after Storms.

As for graphics, I'm not into 'skulls n cross bones' or Jonny Depp pirates;. I'd like a panoramic photo of the snow covered fire spiiting volcanos  at Mt Ruapeho  New Zealand when lava cascaded thru Whakpapa Village in between the buildings.
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veteran, if this is your entry, would you mind copying and pasting it into this thread? We're trying to aggregate all the entries in one thread and all the commentary, etc. in this thread. Thanks!!!
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 Due to the large number of entries this is likely to get would it perhaps be a good Idea to make the poll into two different rounds. The first one narrowing it down to a select few and than a final one to decide the winner?

Since I am guessing that most of the active members here will submit an entry and than vote for them self a second round would also allow for these who don't make it to vote on the other person vesides themsleves they think is most deserving of winning. 
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Certainly a good idea to have a finals round!

What says nolo?
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Excellent idea! The poll only allows ten choices at a time, so we had to do something along these lines. 
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What is the design supposed to look like? Blue cardigan over a white turtleneck? I don't get it.

Are the tips on the left? If so, why does it the design on the shovel look like the trailing end of an arrow? If not, the Epicski logo is upside down.
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post

What is the design supposed to look like? Blue cardigan over a white turtleneck? I don't get it.

Are the tips on the left? If so, why does it the design on the shovel look like the trailing end of an arrow? If not, the Epicski logo is upside down.

It will look like this:

the .."EpicSki"  (brand) "Quiver" (model), by Pilote

Topsheet graphic color scheme would use colors that match the blue/gray shades of the EpicSki forum classic skin

Here's proof that I have no drawing talent.  

when I win it will, sort of.  I'm also open to a lop sided oval tail instead of the split fishtail to better match the design posted per the rules.
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 I hope you win, that's a pretty cool quiver. You might want to go a little shorter. To get the 12m sidecut, the wide parts need to be wider the farther they are from the waist. Hmm, maybe keep it 186cm, make the widest parts only about 160cm apart and rocker the elongated shovels/tails? GS, SL and crazy powder slarver all in one!  Just a thought.

Is the hand you normally write with broken?
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"We'll run a poll to determine the winner which will run until midnight (MST) December 28"

Do we vote on this?  Or just wait for the decision?   If we vote, I don't want to miss it.  I have not seen any Poll.  Thanks, Jacques
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The poll(s) will open Dec. 21. We'll do heats for four days (until Dec. 25) then a final poll for three days (until Dec. 28) with the winner announced Dec. 29. 
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 Where do we vote?  
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Uhm.... How about a contest for a pair of Marker Comp 16s?
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I propose that no one be allowed to vote for themselves.
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I'll post the poll threads here after midnight tomorrow. C'mon everyone, only one more day to get your entries in!
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 Not to get all bickery over something so wonderful, but as an entrant would agree that you shouldn't be able to vote for yourself, and that voters have to have had a membership before the contest date.  I am just happy to have this opportunity, so whatever happens happens, but those 2 things would make it fair as could be i think.  Good luck everyone.  It must me fate for me though as the end is my anniversary date and my entry was the only one that was exactly 300 words.  Brownie points probably don't count for anything though.  
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There's no way to assure than an entrant doesn't vote for him or herself, only that each person can't cast two votes, so actually the incentive is to vote for yourself, because you can't know that others didn't vote for themselves.
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The contest is closed. I know we said "midnight" but I didn't think ahead about how tired I would be at 10. So, midnight EST it is!
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