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The answers to the questions posed lie within many of the answers offered above, internet porn nothwithstanding, but some were also left out.

In no particular order and no separation between what was addressed and what wasn't:

1. It is a cold weather sport so you are going to lose all of the folks who hate the cold right off of the bat. That is a lot of people. Plus you need to be slightly athletic, agile, mobile to do this sport.

2. Equipment costs: Despite what vinn said about being able to pick up skis and boots for $200, newbies are not going to do that. They lack knowledge about equipment, may be intimidated or otherwise unaware that such swaps/sales exist.

3. Many parents, I know several, are intimidated by the whole process. The idea of schlepping the kids, the clothes, the gear, etc to the mountain overwhelm them. They are exhausted before they start and they either don't start or don't come back after the first time. I saw this first hand 2 winters ago.

4. Cost, cost, cost. No matter how you cut it, even if you are not a gear junkie like most of us, this is an expensive sport. I live in the northeast so my sons have cold weather gear, but if you live in the south you may need to spend that extra money just to clothe them before rentals, tickets, lessons, etc. IMHO this is the single biggest reason.

5. People do look at it as an exotic, dangerous unconventional sport. Lets be honest some people do think we are crazy. Ever espouse your love for skiing in the trees to someone who doesn't ski and see the look in their eyes? I have had this conversation with casual frontside skiers. Even they don't understand why. Yes they think we are crazy.

All that being said skier visits still seem to be increasing. I also do not agree that younger people will reject the conventional aspects of the sport. They will have what is deemed conventional adapted to their own definition. Just look at backcountry skiing. To the mainstream skier, that was something that only smelly, granola eating hippies did just a few years ago. Times change and the skiing model will too.

P.S. BushwackerinPA, I am an attorney can I get an execution stay if only to keep skiing.