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Gore Vs Whiteface

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Is Whiteface worth the extra hr drive? I heard conditions can be horrible at Whiteface but not sure if Gore is the same. Is it better to avoid them both and head to Vermont? Driving time is a consideration coming from nyc. I know northern Vermont can be a hike. Any and all info/feedback greatly appreciated. Advanced aggresive skier btw.
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What's your timeframe? Are you going there for the day, for the weekend, for a week, for a month? When in the year are you going? Now, January, February?
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Midweek mid January 4 days or so.
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Let's face it skiing in the North East can be wonderful or awesome depending on the weather, if you want a sure thing go to the Rocky Mtns.  I typically ski in VT, but think Gore and White Face have a lot to offer.  With good conditions WF is worth the extra hour of driving to me because I enjoy long and steep trails.  WF has a lot of verticle and is vulnerable to wind like some Northern VT areas like Sugar Bush and Jay.  Gore has a lot of trails and variety but the trails tend to be shorter than WF.
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I like Gore better than Whiteface.  Gore has lots more tree skiing, and the new lift system and added terrain have transformed the place.  Whiteface is definitely worth the drive if the Slides are open, but they are not.
Lake Placid is a way better town than North Creek, so Whiteface wins there.  Gore is a day trip place, so there's not much going on after the lifts close.

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Originally Posted by Bode Klammer View Post

Gore has lots more tree skiing
Yeah, good point Gore does have some great glades.  I have never hit Gore for deep fresh snow, but the glades there were fun with old snow.
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FWIW, I had a pass @ Gore/WF for years. I live within 1.25 hrs of Gore, so went there alot. Very nice mountain, good variety of terrain. My one big gripe is that they close parts of the mountain during the week. The North side is usually closed M - Thu. and I found the "new" stuff closed often as well. Kinda like joining a golf club and not being alowed to play all 18 weekdays.

All-in-all it's got some good stuff, but it's not really a "resort" if that's what you're looking for. It's an old-fashioned day area, despite what they hype.

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I have never skied WF but always like Gore. It's also true that Gore's runs aren't super long except for the long flat one (at least in sections) called Cloud.

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I like them both but the next time I ski the east, I will definitely check out how much snow they received compared to VT and then make my final decision.

Last year at whiteface wasn't great (icey)
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I haven't been to Gore but Whiteface has great vertical. It can get icy - the biggest downside. You can find some great restaurants in Lake Placid (Pete's Steakhouse & The Great Adirondack Steak & Seafood Company to name a couple). There's the Olympic museum and tons of shopping if the SO is into that. It's just a great town overall.

You can also take a ride on a bobsled. Highly recommended for a great rush!
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