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Well, its that time of year & am looking for a 2nd pair of "beater ski" for my daughter who just switched to the I2 level this year.
She has a pair of Elan RCX now so for this 2nd pair, I'm wondering if we should get something similar but softer or perhaps even something totally different.

Not wanting to spend a lot of $$$, I saw the Volkl Racetiger 3Motion Jr ( so wonder if anyone had used them on their kids? What caught my eyes was the 3Motion bindings that comes with it...

I also saw a pair of 06/07 Atomic GS-9 in similar price range. I suspect both of these would be "similar" to the Elan?

Any other suggestions such as the newer Atomic (Elysian?) or Head (Supershape Team Jr)? or even the Rosignol (Fungirl ?)