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ProJam/Master's Academy?

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 Who's going? I'll be there. I'm officially declaring Monday to be Bears get together time for Apres. I hear Terry Carey is buying us all drinks! 
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I'll be there. First time, really looking forward to it and it looks like the weather is cooperating. Three other Bears from MC will also be there.
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PSIA-E ProJam?  I'll be there.  First time also.  I don't know if anyone else from Wa will be.  We didn't open til yesterday and I haven't even skied yet this year..  Planning to get a few runs in on Sunday on the way up to K-Mart.  I think I may just wear my Wa parka at SPJ.  Since I'm skiing at Wa Sunday, I'll have to have it with me and I hate having to drag two parkas around.

-l2t (from Wachusett)


MC is Mountain Creek?  I learned to ski at GG in 1973.  I remember doing multiple laps on  the Bakersfield lift all night and then being scared to ski Cloud 9 back to the base.  This was right after I graduated from the rope tow on, what was, Lions Den maybe.


Gonna be powerful cold this weekend and early next week.  Looks to be 6F when heading out on Monday morning.  I'm sure the guns will be running like crazy.

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MC is Mountain Creek. Bakersfield and cloud are now part of the the terrain park, it's pretty nice if you're into that.

Cold is good, at least it beats the heck out of skiing in the rain.

Looking forward to meeting you and lots of other Bears over beers.
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Originally Posted by BillA View Post

Cold is good, at least it beats the heck out of skiing in the rain.

We did that last year. Cold will be much better.

See youz guyz Monday.
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