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Helmets with goggles or sunglasses

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At another skiing forum it's been suggested that goggles, not sunglasses should be worn with helmets because the sunglasses-helmet combo screams gaper.  Any thoughts?
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If you're smart enough to wear a helmet you're smart enough to not be concerned about sunglasses vs goggles.
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er... um... if it's sunny its sunglasses

Mountain bikers can do it, motorcyclists can do it & let's face it, sunglasses are cool, with or without a helmet. You just can't beat a nice pair of Ray-Bans/Oakleys/Maui Jims.....

Are you really that worried about what total strangers think about how you look?
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Wear whatever you want and don't be bothered with what you think others think...
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I don't really care what others think.  I wear goggles only when it's snowing or really cold and windy.  Otherwise, it's sunglasses all the time.  Just thought I'd start some discussion. 
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I prefer goggles when skiing. My eyes get watery from the wind if I ski in sunglasses.  I would guess that the optics are better with glasses. 
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 "Better to be thought a gaper than to be seen skiing and remove all doubt." 

I prefer sunglasses
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I wear both!, cant see without me glasses and eyes water too much without the goggles

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Gaper? Probably toooo dutch to understand that one...

As a lens wearer i have no choice its either sunglasses or goggles, depending the conditions and yes i wear a helmet (i you are starting to wear a baseball cap for not getting brain freeze then better wear a helmet to protect them fully, regardless if you look like a sissy (europe overhere) with a helmet.

Basic its how your sking looks like and not what you are wearing which should make the impression. If you have to distract us with what you wear, well then please be centerfold in very tight........
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I am personally not a fan of the sunglasses/Helmet look.  Not much looks dorkier than that. 

I almost never wear sunglasses skiing.  My eyes water too much to see.  If it's a warm spring day and I decide to wear sunglasses, I probably wouldn't wear a helmet either.  Too warm if nothing else.
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Just too let you know, the goggles they make now are just as good if not better then most sunglasses out there as far as UV protection and wind protection...The only thing you might have to be concerned with goggles is fogging. But I will let you know I always wear goggles and never once have they fogged up on me (unless maybe it was raining or snowing outside).   Also no offense but I kinda think wearing sunglasses with a helmet is a little weird looking, for skiers anyway....
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Originally Posted by U.P. Racer View Post

I almost never wear sunglasses skiing.  My eyes water too much to see.  If it's a warm spring day and I decide to wear sunglasses, I probably wouldn't wear a helmet either.  Too warm if nothing else.

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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post

 "Better to be thought a gaper than to be seen skiing and remove all doubt." 

Abe Lincoln, if memory serves.
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Thought it was more like Mark Twain.  "Better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

Many previous posts on this very important topic.  Steveturner - nice answer, couldn't have said it better. 
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Originally Posted by Snowfan View Post

Wear whatever you want and don't be bothered with what you think others think...


You look like an idiot wearing sunglasses with a helmet.
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What is this endless obsession on Epic Ski forums about whether one is a gaper or poseur (and it is poseur, not poser)?  If there's one thing that turns me off on this forum is people endlessly declaring that wearing certain brands of clothing, or using certain helmets, skis, etc. automatically classifies someone into some obviously inferior category and mostly because the poster owns some other brand.  Is everybody on this board in high school or even elementary school?  This is just another form of "ism" which apparently makes the person somehow feel superior to someone else because they are different in some way.

How do any of these statements differ?
- He speaks with a lisp so he must be gay
- He's black so he just be on welfare
- He's Asian so he must be a bad driver
- He's Mexican so he must be illegal
- He wears xxx ski clothing so he must be a gaper/poseur

Do you see how ridiculous this is?  Who the hell cares what anybody wears, skis ons, or anything else?  Does everybody have to be labeled based on some arbitrary definition?  Are you so insecure that if someone doesn't "approve" something for you that you can't wear it/use it/whatever?  If it doesn't work for you, fine, but quit criticizing/classifying everyone else.

I wear what I want, do things the way I want, and choose the brands that I want and I don't give a damn what anyone else thinks about my choices.

(None of these statements refer specifically to the original poster.)
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Don't you think your exaggerating just a little?
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Helmet at all times
Cold day = goggles
Warm day = sunglasses

Someone else wearing goggles = whatever
Someone else wearing sunglasses = whatever 

Someone who thinks I'm a gaper = irrelevant

I have far better things to worry about, and impressing someone who spends their time looking for a bigger gaper than himself is not one of them.

End of story

Besides I'm a patroller.  I ski more than they do!
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Looks aside - goggles offer more protection for your face. I'd say that's motivation enough, although it does look a little goofy to wear sunglasses with a helmet and no goggles... who am I to judge though.

I always ski with a helmet and goggles. If I have my helmet off I'm usually coaching, working on a course, or something to that effect where I won't actually be skiing... and then I wear sunglasses and a hat. I also wear sunglasses and a hat while drinking beer on the patio at Holimont... that look is more in its element there than on the hill.

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I always wore goggles when I skied in the States back in the day, then adopted the Italian usage of sunglasses almost all the time. The funny thing is, Italians are now going the goggle route, and I'm left using sunglasses and a helmet. Whatever. I get too hot skiing bumps, which I do at least a little of most days, to wear goggles. They are superior for tree skiing (not much of that in my area) or skiing in storms, which I don't do much of anymore (see lack of trees).
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A gaper is someone who has to ask what to do to not look like a gaper.
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 I always ski with googles and never with sunglasses and helmet... not because it would look cool or not cool, but because it just doesn't feel good having sunglasses "stuck" under helmet.
But other then that, I don't see any other reason why not to. I ski for my own fun, so I really have no need to worry what others will think of me or my look. ;)
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I do Sunglasses and goggles!!!!!! Well kind of :-) I have to wear glasses (tried contacts but they were irritating) so the only real option is to wear goggles over my glasses! Always liked goggles as they keep more of your face warm, however you can end up with weird tan lines!
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I wear the Helmet/Googles combo most of the times. But I have a pair of sunglasses with me all the time just in case. In spring w/ sunny weather...sunglasses. Don't really care what others use.
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Uh, I forgot, on the past Sunday I met a guy who was skiing with a PASGT helmet and sunglasses...
I should have posted it in one of the helmets yes/nay thread, but I'll post it here because I guess it was more a cool/uncool thing than a safety one...Sure the guy felt and behaved as he were very cool. I envyed him the helmet, because I happen to like those things, but I don't know if I would wear one skiing...I'm pretty comfy witht my Bad LT, thank you.
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No wind nice weather, shades, bad weather hard wind, goggles its all about vision and i sweat so i prefer shades in nice weather.

and if you are not a member of the swedish bikini team skiing in thongs... i could not care less for yet another static object on the piste...

Wear those goggles glasses which help you to see what you are doing/trying to do and who prevent endangering other people. With those questions you should be wearing a helmet to prevent the content to be damaged...

Oh and wanna look cool with a helmet, take a helicopter/fighter pilot helmet.... And make sure to be fast enough to back that up.
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like has been stated above, warm & sunny = sunglasses, cold and/or snowy = goggles.  Also there are different types of sunglasses.  I think for the people who say sunglasses + helmet looks dumb it's because maybe they've seen people wearing John Lennon sunglasses (or something like that), which probably aren't great for functionality.  A pair of wrap-arounds or something with a larger frame/lens looks perfectly fine with a helmet, and more importantly helps you see.  They're also more comfortable in warmer temps; less sweating, etc.
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You should use which ever you like.  If you have the right pair of glasses, they will be comfortable under a helmet.  Lots of skiers use prescription glasses under goggles.  Most people use goggles because, when they go at faster speeds, their eyes won't water so much, so they see better, and are more comfortable.  The fastest skiers will use a goggle that has no "air holes" on the front at all.  Slower, sweatier skiers will need those "air holes" so the goggles don't fog up.  I would say if you use glasses, be sure they wrap around good!  Heavy light coming in from the sides will burn out your eyes!  Have fun, and always wear eye protection!
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One of the few times I have been injured crashing on skis it was because my sunglasses cut my face when I hit the snow. If I would have had goggles on the crash would not have even been remembered by the time I got to the lift.

In the last two days of skiing I have taken four falls that with sunglasses I could have easily been injured by them. With the goggles I just shake the snow out of them and continue on.

You are wearing a helmet for protection might as well wear the goggles for that extra protection.
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I used to have contacts (until a year ago when my supply ran out), so I now wear my glasses all the time.  I definitely find that wearing the glasses under the goggles awkward and uncomfortable.  I enjoy the nice weather days when I can wear my prescription sunglasses with my helmet.
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