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 Hey all--

So I've suddenly come into the market for skis, as the base, edge, whole nine yards have decided to separate directly under the toe of the binding on my '05 Fischer RX-6s. Loved 'em.

Here's the deal: I'm 6'3", 160 lb. (yeah, lanky dude. I get blown back at Sugarloaf on a windy day.) Pretty much ski everywhere on the mountain. Spend about 50% of the time on the groomers, 50% off it. On groomers, like to rip and hold edge, but need something to be free enough in the trees.

Looking at older models via discount sites right now, so out of the following, what would people recommend?
  • Fischer Cold Heat
  • Fischer Progressor 8+
  • K2 Apache Raider

(this is what I have found so far, new, under $300, which is essentially all I can pay for. Need new skis ASAP.)