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New skis (help needed)

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Has desided to buy new skis again after having rented the last 3 years. But with 3 trips a year there is economy in the purchase.

Therefore, I have been in 2 different stores - talked to 3 different assistants and got 3 different recommendations about the length of the new skis.

I am 184 cm and is in the heavy end (ie 100+ kg) and have a look at Fischer Progressor 8+ or Fischer Progressor 9+.

Would even think that I must have it in 170 cm. but has been recommended 165 cm (Progressor 8 +) and 175 cm (Progressor 9 +) by 2 different assistants in the same store.

I ride 95% of the time on the slopes and enjoy both the small swing but it must also be good to go really fast.

Someone who can help with some experience about the skies as well as ski length?

Need the skis before newyear.


Lars Klode, Denmark
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First of all, welcome to EpicSki!

What level skier are you?  170 Progressor 8+ is the right ski at your size, 165 is too short.  The 175 Progressor 9+ may be too much ski if you are not an expert level skier.  The Progressor 9+ is a stiff, race construction ski while the 8+ is much more user friendly.

I have the 8+ in 170 and love them at 6' and 185lbs.  I would have bought it in 175 if they made that length.

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Im 5'9" and weigh 200 lbs... i ski rossi 170s exept for powder days... you definantly dont want anything shorter than 170 with as tall as you are... i have no problem doing short radius turns through the trees or on the bumps on my 170's
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Thanks for the input, I've been skiing for 25 years with 1 - 2 weeks per year.
I'm not sure how to rate myselves. I prefeer Giant Slamon og Super G stile. Some time I like to run fast (50 - 65 Mph) when the conditions alows it which properly means that the 9+ is best - but the group I ski with are not as skilled and therefore I also need a ski that alows "playing" with lower speed and shorter turns (on blue and red slopes) - which I guess means the 8+.

I decided for 170s just need to find out if it the 8+ is stiff enough or the 9+ is to stiff.

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