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Beyond P-Tex

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Why don't ski co's. use other materials besides P-tex for bases? Is P-tex the easiest to repair,cheapest for the job,that's what we've been using for years,most flexible/tempreture sensitive. There much slicker materials.
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Gotta run, but in a word, yes.

P-tex (UHMWPE) has just the right mix of impact strength, porosity (wax absorption) and low friction coefficient.

Out of curiosity, what materials that are slicker are you referring too?
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"Beyond P-Tex", sounds like a title to a Warren Miller film.

Regardless of the 'slickness' of a base material at a given set of conditions and variables, it'll have to provide comparable performance for a wide variety of conditions and variables or a method to allow tweaking (ie, wax). Waxing is 'empowering' because it, provides control and customization relative to p-tex and may or may not be compatible with the slicker materials you have in mind. Dunno
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People have, in fact, tried various other materials for bases, including Teflon and aluminum. As krp8128 has already noted, none of them, it turns out, works better than ultra high molecular weight polyethylene.

Also, note that "PTex" is really a fairly generic term (a trademark, actually), and there are, and have been, a number of varieties of PTex in existence in the world, some of which work better (at least in some conditions) than others.
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Other slick materials would not hold wax and may have problems being repaired. Tefflon plastics/fiberglass materials are too brittle and other compounds from Aero-tech too expensive. Womens GS on @ Aspen gotta go.
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