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I was up to Copper today and then stopped on the way home for some NASTAR at Keystone. Copper had 4". Unless you have rock skis stay on the groomers. Same with Keystone and Breckenridge. I actually had a lot of nicks on my race skis just skiing the NASTAR cource and one blue run at Keystone. To add insult to injury there is supposed to be low of -25° F Saturday. This is the worst start of the season I have seen in 25 years. Even Loveland is not great. Coverage on the groomers this past Sunday at Abasin was Ok. We keep getting more snow in boulder than in the mountains around here.
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Yep.  Too bad it is cold and snowy roads.  I'd go for a bike ride if it was a bit nicer.

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I saw on Breck's website that they're up to 60% open, and they've opened peak 10.  Anyone been up there?  What's it like, and when do they expect to open up the stuff up top?
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will be at breck tomorrow, looked pretty good lately, was last there about 4 weeks ago, and snow was decent (what there was of it).  will post tomorrow evening on status -- plan to hit mostly 7 and 9 with my sons.
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was at Breck on 27/12.  Would have to say was mixed conditions.  Some runs were quite nice, but a number had just been opened and had some tree limbs, rocks etc. still poking through. TBAR was open, but most bowls were not and thus the high chair lift was also not open.  We skiied Peak 7 -- good conditon mostly, except for some spots on Claimjumper, 8 for end of day run -- seemed fine except for parts of Crescendo, and 9.  8 seemed to be ok, but lot of the mogul runs were not in great shape.  9 was pretty good, but a lot of the runs under the E chair were pretty sparse on their cover. 

Very crowded of course, so less lines on Independence chair and Mercury chairs. 
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Thanks for the update.  I'll be there next Fri-Sun so hopefully it snows between now and then.  Did you hit anything on Peak 10, or off the 6 chair?
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 I'll be there Friday...I'll try to update the thread 
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no on both peak 10 and the 6 chair, it wasn't really busy on the 6 chair when we went past though on Frosty's Freeway -- with our combined skill level may hit peak 10 on Friday or Saturday, but not chair 6 runs till late in the year -- if we continue to improve.  My 9 year old can handle a lot, but slows down to keep sure of himself -- so more fun on 7 or 9 then working through the tougher stuff. Almost went for the TBar but we opted to zig zag across three peaks to get to 9 instead. 

7 was less crowded on the runs then 9 when we hit it -- from what i was seeing, lots of folks in the PM up top on nine had moved up from the ski school earlier in the day.  If you do the gondola strongly recommend getting off at 7 vice all the way to 8.  Lifties were reporting both lifts on 8 very crowded early in the day.
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When you say crowded, how long of a wait is that?  There is a ski hill near me that sometimes has a 20-25 min wait, so I'm used to that, but anything longer can be frustrating.  Thanks for all the info.  It will be my first time at Breck and I'm looking for all the insight I can get.
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20 600 people at Breckenridge yesterday.  Sunday there were two moose on the Pioneer run, under the Peak 7 lift.  Chair 6 is open but bring rock skis. 
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Wow.  20,000 people sounds pretty damn crowded.
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Wow, 20k people is like hour long lines lol?
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It's really great to hear first hand reports of the conditions - having worked in the industry many years ago I know that sometimes the resort reports are a little "rose tinted".

Hope your trip goes well bb000 - I'll look forward to your feedback - I'm heading out that way in the first week in February.


CW :-)
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 The trick at Breck is to not come down to the base of Peak 8 and 9 until the last 60-90 minutes of the day because the lines are longest there.  Staying on Peak 10 and 7 as well as high up on the mountain is the secret to waiting less than a few minutes per chair.  Also be at the mountain first thing and you will will experience fewer to no lines for the for the first 30-60 minutes of the day.

20,000+ people is a lot but Western resorts are giant places...if you stay away from where the usual crowds and casual skiiers congregate you will still feel like you will still have a lot of space around you.
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I skied Breck on the 29th with those 20k of folk.  I made the mistake of not getting off of the gondola at the base of peak 7, and instead was dumped at the base of peak 8 with many of new close friends.  After working our way through the maze (about 30 minutes) we headed to E chair (5 minutes) and skied the Mercury and Falcon chair most of the day (10 minute wait at most).  This is not terrain I usually ski, but my daughter is visiting and she was not interested in skiing the off-piste.  Instead of exiting back through Peak 8, we went through Beaver Run and got out in a jiffy.  

I have to say I was surprised by how much skiing you could get in if you paid attention to what lifts to use.

I also doubt we will see this many folk on the mountain for a while.

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Looking at Breck's website, they have been at 71% open for some time now.  Is it safe to assume that 29% is only accessed by the Imperial lift?
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No.  The south side of Peak 10 is not open.  Runs off the T-bar north of Forget Me Not are not open.  Upper Lehman and Sizzler on Peak 9 are not open.  Too Much and west of it off Chair 6 are not open.  Runs on the south of Peak 8 (Goodbye Girl, Tiger) are not open except for Mach 1, which is. The runs under the E chair are in poor condition.  This was as of Friday, January 1.

But it is snowing now as I write this.
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 I'll second crudmeister's observations.  I was there yesterday as well.  You'll definitely want to use rock skis or get the damage waiver on the rentals.  There are a lot of rocks out there especially if you to ski things off of the T-Bar, 6, E chairs or the black runs on 8 and 9.  The snow quality was generally pretty good, there just isn't enough of it yet.  Exceptions to this was Frosty's and the runs straight down on Peak 10 which had a lot of slick spots.

For future note, this is the second year in a row that I have skied Breck on New Year's Day and I can say that there were hardly any lines on the lifts we skied during the heart of the day (i.e. don't ski to the base of 8 and 9).
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Thanks for the input.  I'll be there Thursday, so hopefully things improve.
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Things have improved with a bit more snow in the last week,
www.snow.com  will keep you in the loop for Breckenridge condtions.
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