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Picture on the net

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In the thread "Pierre, zeek & powdigger, this one's for you" I had a picture up for 24 hours of two of my friends wearing nothing but a Rossignol ski, a picture which was taken in fun and intended for the three it was addressed to and for you, my friends, to enjoy.

To keep it from going beyond this forum, I hope, and possibly causing embarassment to the guys, I deleted just the picture from my web site in order to break the link but still keep the thread going.

Some hours later the picture reapeared in the thread which means it exists on someone's web or server. After that I deleted the whole topic.

Please, if you have it, do not distribute it elsewhere, I put it up here in good faith and it is copyrighted, as are all pictures I take, and not meant to be appended to a collection of titilating shots or as an individual picture and posted outside of here.

If you have it saved and want to show it to personal friends, I won't object, but if it shows up on the net outside this forum I have no choice but to go after the poster.

I am sure that whoever posted the picture (it wasn't AC) did it in good faith presuming that the link was broken accidentaly. If so, no harm done.

So if you get bored, ski naked

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"So if you get bored, ski naked"

Does that cut down on wind drag so you can have a better chance of catching Sigi????
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Depending what you look like naked, you may just have to stand still to catch her <ducking and running> [img]smile.gif[/img]

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>>Does that cut down on wind drag so you can have a better chance of catching Sigi???? <<

Not necessarily! Have you read, "Three Tracks in the Snow" by Won Hung Lo?? ----------Wigs
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You got the author's name incorrect. It is:

Dong Hung Lo
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