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All-Mountain ski help!

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I grew up racing on the east coast and now I spend about 30 days out west a year.  I love carving at high speeds but still want to be able to ski powder sufficiently.  I am going out west in a couple weeks and unfortunately I can't afford to buy skis out there (aspen) during the Christmas season.  Thus I am trying to find a good ski online at a good price.  I have considered the Head Monster series as well as the K2 Apache Xplorer.  Are there any other skis anyone would recommend?  I also like to ski bumps.  I know there isn't a ski to perfectly suit my needs, but I am looking for the best option.  I am 6' 170 lbs.  Thanks!
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Try to find a Head iM88 (or the new Peak 88) in 175cm length or the Peak is now offered in 180cm. They arc GS turns nicely, are fun in soft snow and not terrible in bumps.

Nordica Enforcer could be a very good choice.
Blizzard Atlas, new ski this season, would be excellent.
Elan 888.
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