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New "Old Boots"

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I have some Head World Cup boots from 2002.They are the yellow ones in a 103mm last. I recently bought the same but they are virtually new. It's the only boot that has been comfortable for me over the years. I have a very wide foot( EE)  with a high instep. 3 years ago I bought some Zip Fit liners to replace the packed out original liners. My concern is that the plastic shell is going to break on me while skiing. I was skiing on last season with my old boots with no apparent issues. The shells have about 280 days on them. My new versions have been sitting inside out of the sun in storage since new. Am I being paranoid? Not many boots out there with a 103mm last.
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difficult to say if they will explode but head have been making a 103mm boot ever since, the S and RS series came after the boots you have and they have been replaced this season with the vector... stiffest of which is either the Vector Ltd or the vector 120
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