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Hey there,

I am in texas but want to by a new set of skis since i will be returning to canada early in the year. I am eager to buy some skis.
My current pair is a set of Volkl vertigo G20s (188). I am 6'3 250 and am an advanced intermediate skier i guess. When i used to live in ski towns i used to mainly hit powder. Since i will now be going on ski trips since there is no local hill, i need a ski that can handle all conditions since i won't be able to pick and choose as much. Anyways...

The following are skis that apear to be in my price range and fit the all mountain mold.

On the narrower side

Volkl AC30,
K2 apache recon


Volkl Grizzley,
K2 apache Xplorer
Salomon Xwing fury

If anyone has any other recommendations i will consider. I prefer powder skiing but need something that can handle it all.
I have never skied anything as wide as the bottom 3, is it too much for crud?