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trying to replace my Prophet 90s (186) as my daily driver and I am too indecisive.  those with experience with these skis make the decision for me.

5'11'/180 lbs
30 y.o.
ex-racer; ski fast.  less focus on super tight trees
primarily vail, a basin, loveland (queue jokes about skiing fast at flat resorts like vail)
tecnica agent 130s
191 Lhasas on way for Pow/Crud days.  But I may end up with 190 Bibbys as well (damn those look sweet!!!!)
Crud performance is a big factor bc I love maching GS turns through that stuff (so frankly, I may end up with a 105-ish waist, but we'll leave that for another time; blizzy's argos look like they kill it,).

I ditched the 186 P90s bc while they were fun, they definitely had a speed limit and can't run flat.  I enjoyed the relative playfulness of this ski vs planky'er skis I have grown up on, but the speed limit issue and hookiness in tracked out snow has me looking elsewhere.  thought they were fun in bumps, trees, etc.

Deciding between the Head IM 88 (186); Blizzy 8.7 Magnum (181), Volkl AC50 (177).

I have tried the Head in the 175 and 186....thought the 175 was too short and frankly felt lifeless relative to the 186.  not sure why that was.  I feel that this is the charger of the group, partially due to the length and bigger radius.  feels it takes more to engage this ski in a turn though.

Demoed the ac50 (177)....damp smooth, fun...just concerned I am giving up some backside versatility in the crud busting department with this ski.  feels a little short in that department, but I really dont think I want the 184.

would be buying the 8.7 magnum (181) blind....feel the 181 is a nice compromise size....based on reviews I feel like this ski would ski crud and groomers as well as the AC50 and IM88, but would perform closer to the p90 in bumps due to their seemingly more similer flex pattern.  not so pumped on the old marker toes on these though bc they are the 08 version.

little rambling, I know....but before you flame me, just remember I am probably giving you something to think about besides work on a Monday.  so you're welcome in advance.

need to pull the trigger in the next few days due to deals, so I will largely base the final decision off this input.