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Swix Scraper sharpener problem

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Hey all, I searched and couldn't find anything this specific.  I ordered and recieved the swix pro plexi sharpener, the one with the longer file.  Mounted it, and as I was using it on an old triangle scraper, trying to find the best technique to sharpen, I noticed it  put an arch in the middle of my scraper and plexi filings were only near the ends of the file.  Anyone else have this problem and a possible solution?  BTW, there is also play when the file is in the guide, room to move up and down and back.  I shimmed it with thin cardboard, and still recieved the arch.  To remove the arch, I used a regular file until flat again, and tested on the swix, and still recieved an arch. 
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Try it with less pressure against the file (bottom of the L), and more pressure against the plastic backing (top of the L).    

That's a pretty agressive file; you really shouldn't need much pressure against the file at all, more on the order of "soft foot rub".
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Looking at the bright side, your scraper can now be used to scrape wax from concave tips and tails......

As comprex suggests, you may be bending the file or rolling/rocking the scraper, creating the arch??? Did you use a true bar when you shimmed the file?
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No, I did not use a true bar.  It happened whether it was shimmed or not. 
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