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Helmet Cam

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Anyone have any thoughts on this years helmet cams?

I used my friends last year, and I think they should be judged on these criteria.

How easy it attaches to helmet.
How easy it is to turn on before starting a run.
Picture quality.

I'd appreciate any input.
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Velcro onto my visor.  I might go with the goggle strap mount this year.
Turn it on standby in the morning, rec/pause on remote.  Remote attached to the shoulder strap on my pack.
See for yourself:

edit: ^^^I left for that trip ten days after I destroyed my ACL.
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 Ditto on the POV -- it's the best in my experience.

Consider cold-weather battery life as a key factor.  Some of the cameras will barely give you 30 minutes in cold weather, and require expensive lithium batteries to stretch that to a couple hours.  One benefit of the POV is that the recording unit and battery can be worn under a jacket where it stays warm.  I generally get a full 6-8 hours battery life out of the POV with juice to spare.

Asian, I got their new goggle mount (part of the $60 mount kit) and it's awesome.  Makes the older goggle mounts seem like garbage.  It has a plastic clip that attaches to the goggle strap, and an angle adjustment so you can aim the camera just right.
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A buddy I ski with has a POV 1. It's an excellent camera. The DVDs he's made from it look good even on a 52" screen.

I'm hoping that Santa might bring me one.
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I tried to buy the strap adapter by itself, but nobody sells it, so I ended up ordering the chest pouch kit.  Tried buying it directly from VIO, but they were going to charge me $65 for shipping.  On a $60 item.  Bought it on egay instead.
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