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Priority system

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To answear Rusty's question, No, the level 1 would go with a qualified instructor in the case of the level 8 student. Ideally with a full cert or greater. In the case of the examiners getting the level 1's the results have been enlighting. The examiners have been more than willing to take these classes(remember this is earlly season)they've done an outstanding job with these students while showing their fellow instructors how a quality lesson shoiuld be taught. So far our guests have been the benefactors of this policy, our return students are up dramitcally from the simple reason that our best instructors are teaching the bulk of the lessons and that the instructor lower on the priority are giving a better effort.
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So its not as though it would have appeared. Makes more sense.
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CDC, thanks for clearing the air and you have made the same observations that I have made. One other positive is that instructors are becoming more aware of closing the lesson and inviting students to return back for another lesson. One thing that has really surprised me is the number of upper level lesson customers lately. It is really great to see this. Remember the more students that return, the more instructors get to work!

Some other observations to the original poll, "Examiners don’t want to be bothered by level !s". They should be, as this group of customers are the most important. This is an attitude that I would like to see changed. If level 1s are taught properly they wouldn’t have all of those problems that are most common at upper level, inability to steer with legs, banking, ,etc.
Profit motive for ski schools. With this system a lot more request privates will be sold and good for the industry. The ski areas should be in business to make a profit and I feel this has been overlooked for some time.
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