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Ski Buying - East Coast

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Hey guys,
   Here's the situation. I currently own a pair of Volkl Six Stars, and a Pair of Volkl Racetiger GS Titaniums. I love my Six Stars, but I want to replace them with something more fun. I weigh 240 at about 5' 11". Level 8/8+.
   I'm looking for a ski, for days with a little better conditions (If Its real icy I'll just bring the racetigers). I want to be able to Rail GS type turns. The More fun the better. Unfortunately, the budget is not so good right now, so I'm really looking to hunt down last years models. Right now I'm looking at the Volkl Mantras, Rossi CX80's, older Nordica Hellcats and Line Prophet 90 (although I think these will crumple at high speeds). Opinions or other ideas?
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The Mantra and Hellcat are both beefy skis that love speed and handle crap snow really well. Either will rail GS turns while putting a huge grin on your face and making your eyes water, especially as you seem to like the Volkl "feel". I found the Hellcat to be too much for any relaxed skiing, though. At 240, you may not have the same problem.

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Its my understanding there is a pretty big weight difference in the skis. If you have skiied them both, do you find one to be a little easier on you (as far as wearing you out). I realize neither are cake walks, but I'm looking for a fun good condition, off race day ski.
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I think the Mantra would be a great choice.  Tenacious edge grip and surprisingly nimble for a 90mm ski.  It's got enough width underfoot to take you off the beaten track, but will hold on to eastern groomers almost (but not quite) as well as your 6*'s.

I skied the CX80 last year and found it a bit damp for my taste.  With a 16m radius, it prefers shorter radius turns, but was a pretty decent ski otherwise.

You might also want to look at the Elan 888.  Really fun ski, handles high speed GS turns well.  A bit lighter than the Mantra, but hangs on well if the conditions get a bit icy in the afternoon.  You can find some pretty good bargains on last year's model if you hunt around.
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Thanks Eastern. Thats what I was hoping to hear. Anyone have more imput about the hellcats?

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I had a couple of hours on a Hellcat demo last spring (on mostly firm snow) and I was very impressed.  I summarized it as feeling like a fat slalom ski.  I only had one overlooked patch of powder about 30 feet long, so my soft-snow data is very limited, but they seemed to work fine there too.

I did not find them to be a lot of work, but then I weigh about 210 and was on a length somewhere in the 170's.
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 Alright, so it sounds like its between the mantra and the hellcat. Any more opinions? Does anyone use a mantra for an almost everyday ski for the east? Or the Hellcat?
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I know plenty of people who ski the mantra as everyday skis here in Stowe... but Stowe and Jay Peak are a whole lot different then the rest of the 'East Coast'. Even here the people on them are not using them for "Railing GS type turns", they are spending all of their time poking around in the woods searching for soft snow. If you ski 'on trail' then I think you are barking up the wrong tree. I'd be looking at the CX80, Blizzy 8.1 or 8.7, Volkl AC50, etc. Something in the low to mid 80mm waist. If you are looking to ski in the woods here in the east, then GS ski-like edge grip is the last thing you want. Unfortunately, firm snow performance and eastern tree skiing require two very different ski types. There are skis like the Mantra which hit the 'middle ground' well, but they are not 'as good as a 6star' on groomers with the float of a powder ski. Nothing is.

What, exactly, are you looking to do with this ski?

It sounds like you want a slightly more 'versatile' all around ski than the 6star, for skiing in the east and you enjoy arcing big fast turns. Is this wrong?
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 Thats right. I'm not looking to live into the trees, more just looking to be able to have fun when we DO get some snow. I just don't want to die when the snow falls, or in the trees (Like I do with the 6*) However, I do want to be able to arc the huge turns.  I just don't know. Ideas?
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its easy to rip GS turns on soft groomers

get something 100ish underfoot with camber and around 20-25 meter sidecut.

IMO the Mantra is to catchy in tight woods but your like 80lb heavier than me so maybe you can get away with that ski.

Hellcat - to much sidecut and too stiff

CX80 - not an offtrail ski

P90 why bother? get the P100 its does nearly everything better. the P100 would in fact be a great choice in a 186 for you.

Again your my hieght plus 80 lb you might be able to ski a hellcat or mantra in woods with out the issues I have.
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For serious carving with the ability to go elsewhere and not die in cruddy snow, go with the Hellcat or AC50. For a fun time in cruddy snow and the ability to carve when needed, go with the Mantra. I ski the Aura as my daily driver in the midwest on all but the iciest of days, then I drag out the 6*s, the SLs or the GSs.
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Any one have any opinions on the nordica enforcers?
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Originally Posted by WhatIsHip View Post

Any one have any opinions on the nordica enforcers?

unless you LOVE tip dive I wouldnt buy them
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Originally Posted by WhatIsHip View Post

Any one have any opinions on the nordica enforcers?


OK......sorta seriously, you don't need more opinions, you need some focus. The thing that most contributes to 'railing gs turns on groomers and ice pick edge grip' is the combination of overall flex and torsional flex. Generally, stiffer in both attributes gives you those qualities. As WR has pointed out, those are detrimental characteristics in tight spots in the trees and in transitional conditions. So....you have to decide what you want because you won't get both.

Oh yeah..........the Enforcer. I've owned two Mantras and I just never really warmed up to it much. IMO, for a ski as wide as it is, it is not particularly good in soft snow and it's awfully big for hard snow. The problem as I see it is that the ski is just too stiff in the back half of the ski and you have to work it too much to finish off the turn. As a side note, I think that much stiffness without reasonable dampening makes the ski too harsh feeling for my tastes. The Enforcer is in a similar type of ski to the Mantra as is the Blizzard Atlas. However, both of those skis have a more compliant flex and hence are easier for my tastes in mixte salad conditions. Both will be more versatile than the Mantra in softer stuff. The Mantra would offer more stability at some point, I just don't ski fast enough to find that point on either of other two.


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