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Fischer Watea 78

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Hello, can I have your esteemed opions please.

Choices are:

Fischer Watea 78, Head Monster IM 76, or one of the new Head Peak range.

Good intermediate, cranking out the carves and looking to move into a little off piste (nothing too hard).

Thanks for any thoughts.

On a related point my girlfriend is having kittens choosing between the Fischer Koa 78 and the K2 Burnin Luv...

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 I bought 2009 Watea 78s 174 new flat for $225 at RJ Bradleys ski shop in Westford, MA.I bought Tyrolia LD bindings for them from Level Nine Sports in Utah. I also bought Volkl Racetiger RCs in 173 (for carving) with Marker pistons. I ski Sugarbush and Sunday River. I haven't skied either ski yet. Waiting.

 I also own Head XRC 1400 chip(163), Volkl Karmas (177) and Elan Magfire 12 (184.) The Heads and Elans are awesome on ice. The Volka Karmas are more versatile yet carve pretty good for a wider ski.

If you will ski only one ski then go with the Monster IM 76 (you can find good buys). You'll pay more for the Peak because it's new. If you own a ski or skis that are suitable for piste, then get the Watea 78s for your off-piste/on piste again forays. 
This from
"the Watea 78 is for  all-mountain-oriented skiers who spend some time on the groomed and in occasional mogul fields. The skill requirements are not daunting, but the 78 delivers well at the high end. Another top all around ski in Fischer's superb lineup. Stable, light, quick and versatile."

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I just bought the Fischer Watea 78s (length 174) from Sierrasnowboard for $217 (no binding).  I took these with me two weeks ago to Schweitzer Mountain in Idaho and used them every day, groomed runs, chop/crud, etc.  I love these skis.  They hold an edge and are very forgiving and VERY LIGHT/NIMBLE making for very easy turning especially short turns.  I'm an advanced skier sticking to blues and blacks.  I mounted these with Dynastar PX12 TIs (bought from Evo Gear for about $100)...if I had to do it over again I would go with a lighter binding like the Tyrolia RFD 11 or Kneebinding or Head LD12, all which can be bought online for about $100-150.  Although I estimate the Dynastar's heft made for a balanced, controlled ride given I felt like I was easily transferring power/weight to the edge.  My previous/other skis have been Volkl Mantra, Rossi Phantom SC80 with 120 bindings (which I'm getting ready to sell), and Rossi S6.  My Watea 78s are my new main ski for everthing but when it is deep, which I will use the S6 Koopman's for.  Other than some chattering at high speeds on icy/crusty steeps, I noted nothing negative about them. 
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