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I skied on my GF's Rossignol Zenith Z5s for a few days last year, and have been looking for a used pair, but have not come across any up here in Canada. Does anyone know of a ski that feels similar to the Z5? What i liked about them was the were really sporty for cruising, fun in the trees, but then you could go into the moguls and they would really hold their own.

I am a fairly fast skier, ski on VolklP40 & P60 GS skis as well as an old pair of Atomic Slalom skis(Beta carve 9 14).Yes, all older equipment, but I like the need to drive the skis. I find some of the newer skis tend to ski themselves, very little feedback. That is where the Z5 comes in....I like the feedback I get from these skis. Plus ,later in the day when my legs are tired from cranking the P40s orP60s, I could switch to the Rossi Z5s for some easy cruising.

That being said, I am looking for some inexpensive equipment, so ordering from the US for $450 and then $50 shipping, and then $200 for customs/brokerage ain't in my budget. I will continue to look around eastern Canada for some used Z5s cheaply, but any input for similar skis I could look for would be appreciated.