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Originally Posted by Coach13 View Post long will you be in Vail before you head back?


I will be here for the duration... or until I find another flying job...     When are you going to be out this winter?
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Originally Posted by vail snopro View Post

I will be here for the duration... or until I find another flying job...     When are you going to be out this winter?

I'll be out 3/26-4/4 during our family spring break trip. I'm also trying to get out late Feb. with just a few of the guys.
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Looks like were blacked out, See you all after the holidays or @ Copper!
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 No worries Mr. V.

If I had only a few Vail days on my pass, I'd certainly not use them now. None of the back side is open, and it'll take several more feet of snow to change that.

We're having a great time, and it just takes a bit of hunting to find some soft snow. No wait at all on the Highline chair, so I spent the better part of yesterday working at improving my pitiful bump skiing. It's now only moderately pitiful. A great leap for me.
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 3" of fresh overnight made a world of difference on the hill today. Just a grand day out. Started to snow again later in the day.

Still not nearly enough accumulation to open the back bowls, but had a ton of fun.

Spent the better part of the day with VSP and his cadre of serious big dogs. Met Merrydog and her mini-posse, but failed to make turns together. Ships passing in the night.
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Sorry that we've missed everyone so far.  I haven't been on the hill in a few days and have been trying to get some work done before closing the offices for the holidays.  Tomorrow we're taking the pooch out for a long snowshoe and doing some shopping.  We'll certainly be carving the open terrain on Christmas.  Let it snow!
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 Hi Canyonlands.

I'll be on the hill Xmas day, but Bazzer Jr. wants to take that day off. (It's his vacation and he can do as he pleases. He's a bit of a basketball fan and wants to relax and watch what he assures me are two particularly good contests.) CoSkiGirl may make the drive out and join me, then stay for cocktail hour before heading home.

I've sent you my phone number via PM, but have not heard back yet. No worries, but give a yell if you care to share some turns.
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Bazzer, hope you and the family have a wonderful Christmas!  hopefully mother nature dumped more snow on you last night...enjoy!
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Bazzer, obviously, I didn't make it up Christmas day but I'm coming up tomorrow so I'll give you a call.  Probably won't hit the hill until 10ish.  I'm being lazy being that there's no fresh to race for.  :)
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Ms. Canyonlands has had frostbitten hands and feet in her past and balks at these frigid temps, where *nothing* can keep her hands warm.  We'll probably go shoeing tomorrow and then might have to head down to HW Home on the front range to look at some furniture.  Sorry that this one hasn't been in the cards for us.  If by some long shot I make it to the hill, I'll ring you Bazzer.  Rip it up on your last couple of days!!    
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 Hi CoSkiGirl.
I'm hooking up with VailSnoPro at 8:30 and will spend an hour with him before he heads off to teach. Ran into our old companion from last season, Stroller, and will share some turns with her and her husband. Parts of Sundown and Sunup Bowls have opened up, and conditions range from just fine to marginal, depending on the run. I'll try to stay on the front side until you hit the hill so that my phone will work.

I most certainly understand Ms. CL's aversion to the cold. No worries. If you do get out to the hill, I'd love the chance to say hello, if not over the next two days, then perhaps when I return again in February. 

Happy, healthy New Year to all.
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Bazzer…I’ll give you a call tomorrow.  Have a good warm up with VSP.

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 Hey all.
Time to head home. Had a grand stay despite the scarcity of fresh snow. Guess that the snow dance didn't work too well this time around. Enjoyed some truly memorable runs, and was very pleased to see some old friends, and make a few new ones.

Happy New Year y'all,
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I was reading my Lito book the other night and my book marker was a card from Vail with a picture of a guy skiing with snow billowing up around his shoulders and its captioned, picture taken Nov. 21st! Probably more the exception than the rule.

I'm out there for 5 days starting 1/23. Sounds like a couple feet of additional snow is needed to get the back in decent shape. Hope things steadily improve. I've skied Vail when it was marginal by Vail standards and still had a great time.
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Bazz - did you end up toting the serious photo gear around?  Would love to see some shots if you got some good stuff.

Perhaps the lack of early season snow will be made up for on your next visit.  Here's to hoping!
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 Hey FB.
Happy New Year.

Left the serious gear behind. Had enough on my hands traveling with The Kid, and low snow left most trees bare of frosty coverage. (The kind of images that I had in mind to make. I did however post up some new shark shots on my website, so you might want to pay a visit. The new images are in the section "Tiger Beach.") Still had a grand visit with plenty of good skiing. VSP yelled at me a lot, but that's to be expected. It started to snow during our drive to the airport, and they reported over 12" of fresh in the 24 hours after our departure.

Heading back in Feb., and our buddy Finn offered me a place to stay in April. Not a done deal, but mighty attractive. You game?
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