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WROD Demo Day

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 Yesterday I had an opportunity to demo a few skis.  I am looking for something in the 80-90 mm range to act as a daily driver for teaching skiing at JH.  I decided to ski each ski the same way to try and minimize the interference that the terrain and my personal skiing style might paste onto the ski.  The runs went like this....  Up Teewinot and down the green making a variety of turn sizes and shapes in a carved turn.  Up Apre Vous and down Werner to S Pass and over to Tewinott Gully again making primarily carved turns of different sizes and shapes.  Back up AV for a run down the steeper icier Moran run down Lower Werner and out to the bottom through the green run.  On this last run I  concentrated on playing with the DIRT on all of the turns, tried to find a few ruts and bumps on the sides, made a set of pivot slips on the steep icy part of Lower Werner, and did White Pass turns and other PSI-Ghey self assessment drills on the green run.

The Skis...
178 Fischer Watea 94
178 Dynastar Mythic Rider
178 Rossi Phantom 88
172 Dynastar Mythic Rider

All of these skis were really fun and did everything I asked them too.  I could get used to any of them.  I already own the following alpine skis 172 Dynastar Contact Limited, 170 Nordica Jet Fuel, and 176 Volkl Gotoma.  The Jet Fuels are slated to be used for Ski Patrolling at Snow King.

Me 5'10" 165 lb level 9 skier. 

I expected the Watea to be my favorite and I enjoyed the runs I took on it.  It was the widest ski in the group, but I didn't notice that it was much slower edge to edge than the others.  This ski gripped nicely in the hard snow and could make a variety of turns.  I didn't love the "feel" of it in the hardpack and while it wasn't bothered by the death cookies I didn't like the sound it made there.  I slapped it into some ruts and didn't love it there either.  The ski seemed to lack any pop or excitement.  While it performed well under these conditions, I feel like I would appreciate it much more off piste in softer snow.  The "boat hull" tip looks cool, but made no difference in this test.  I also liked the "pre-cut" "skin slot" in the tail.  This ski or its bigger brother might be awesome with a Duke/Baron and a set of skins.

I know a lot of people who use the Mythic Rider and love it.  For some reason I had a small bias against this ski.  Probably because I choose to buy A Nordica Jet Fuel over the Mythic Rider two years ago.  I also know a Dynastar rep who professed to liking it's predecessor, more than the Mythic.  I LOVE the Mythic Rider.  It was the most fun of the three skis by a good bit.  I liked how much more this ski responded to my input than the others.  It likes to run fast, but will make round short turns when pushed.  In short or long turns the edge grip was rock solid.  This ski provides lots of zing when loaded and released.  It went through the death cookies like they weren't even there.  It felt nimble in the ruts and probably made a few new ones.  I also really like this ski for one footed drills.  I suspect that this ski will not be the best performer in icy bumps, but I'm pretty sure I can handle it.  The Mythic is definitely less "planky" and stiff than my Jet Fuels and they are manageable in hard bumps as long as I am driving.  The Mythic is heavier than the other two skis I tried, but I didn't notice on snow.  I would expect this ski to be great in crud and hardpack and acceptable in bumps or powder.  I skied this ski in 178 and 172.  I preferred the 178.  It did everything as well as the shorter ski, but felt a little "silkier" while doing it.  The 172 might shine a bit brighter in bumps or tight trees.

I have never been a Rossi fan.  My Rossis have always seemed fragile and have fallen apart under my feet.  These were older Rossis with foam cores 7S, 7G, Bandit XXX and I bought them used.  I had a good experience with my Olympic 41 tele ski (wood core) but didn't keep it long before getting something fatter and never looking back.  I have never had a problem with used Volkls falling apart.  I know many truly great skiers who love Rossi and I was ready to give the wood cored Phantom a shot.  I liked this ski.  It did what it was told and performed well.  It however seemed to lack personality and felt a little boring.  I could overpower the edge on this ski when I really got on it, but the edge grip was good and the turns initiated easily.  The ride was smooth and consistent.  It just didn't feel like the right fit for me.  I guess that the best way to describe it is that the ski didn't give back when I got more aggressive on it.  When I was trying to be more high intensity the ski kept right on being solid and dependable.  Not like the Dynastar which was also solid and dependable, but felt more high performance and exciting as I raised the intensity.  I'm not sure what conditions this ski would really excel in.  I think it might be a more middle of the road ski in any condition than the Dynastar or the Fischer.

I wanted to try the Watea 84, but my shop doesn't have that model in it's demo fleet.  Instead I tried the 172 Mythic to contrast with the 178.  As mentioned above I enjoyed the 172 and found it be be a powerful ski, but preferred the 178.   
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Nice reviews.  You guys need a storm!
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Originally Posted by dawgcatching View Post

Nice reviews.  You guys need a storm!

Sounds like you are getting one today.
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I have the B-Squad and the LP and know what you mean about the Phantom. I believe it is because the Rossi is sooooo dampened to absorb shock and vibraton in crud and deep powder that it feels dead compared to skis with a livelier core, some rebound.

back in the day it was said that Rossi held an edge with vibration dampening to reduce chatter. A Volkl or Stockli held an edge with active rebound to work the edge.  That was a general French/Austrian-German comparison of approach to holding the edge. It is almost a let down to switch from the Stockli to the B-Squad, back to back runs.
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Originally Posted by Roadrash View Post

Sounds like you are getting one today.
I wish that were the case: 4 inches here in town, only 1 inch up on the hill.  Some of the best snow I have ever seen, too bad there isn't more of it! 
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 We need about 3 storm CYCLES!  Lots of short waves with some wind would be nice.
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