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WTB Fischer RC4 SL or SC

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WTB Fischer RC4 SL or SC - I've been out of work a few months as things go these days and have taken two jobs at two mtns.  I'll be working full time with a race dept and part time as an instructor.  Because of this I can't afford new RC4s and I turn to the board.

Anyway, let me know what you have and how much etc.  Thanks a lot and be gentle! haha
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I've got a pair of 156cm RC4 SLs with FR 17 FreeFlex bindings. I would let them go for around $200. Send me a PM and I'll send pics if you're interested. 
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Sorry I forgot to mention, I am ideally looking for a 165 and might take a 160 since I am not currently in a league requiring the 165 cm.  Thanks a lot though!
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I've got an older RC4 with the prior black graphic (the ones after the yellow top sheet)  Does anyone have a newer one?  Hole ski would be awesome but not necessary.  Let me know about them RC4 SL 165's!!!
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