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It's Coming!

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I had hopes of it being an early start to ski season when I got back from Bonaire in October and it was in the low 40's.  Then November was warm but now finally we might get to ski soon.
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 Big storm to come through Wednesday. I keep seeing predictions of 2-3 feet out west and then it simply says the storm will strengthen over the great lakes and move through the East. Has anyone heard a definite number prediction for snow with this storm?
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Here in SW Pa. the weather still showing rain for Wednesday! I'm hoping that changes
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The local hill opens tomorrow but the weather is going to be rather skethy.  It's suppose to be a high in the mid 40's but falling throughout the day with rain changing to snow and winds up to 50mph.  I think I will give them all day on Thursday to make snow then head out Friday after work.
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