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ESA Stowe Bootfitting thread

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 Hey guys, Benny Wax will be our Stowe ESA bootfitter again. He is planning on seeing us starting around 4 on Friday. In addition to doing any bootfitting that we need, he is going to give us a run down on the different boots and show you guys what makes them different. So if you've been wondering what a Zeppa is, you can find out. Benny is one of our Ask A Boot Guy guys and will be checking this thread, so feel free to ask any questions here and he can be sure to address them on Friday.
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 Oh yeah, forgot to mention.... BYOB and I don't mean boot.
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 These guys are good. Three years ago had them fit a set of A-Line insoles, and last year on Fri p.m. I had them blow out the sixth toe area of new boots I had bought online, and made the rest of the weekend much more comfortable. Don't think I byob, but a decent tip works too.
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