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Which twin tip do you recommend

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I'm a new skier switching from snowboarding and looking for twin tip skis. I'm 5'10" 150lbs and looking for a good all around ski. Also give me some suggestions for bindings and boots.  Thanks for your help.

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Hi dirtracer901,

You might have a look at some of the recommendations in this thread.

Welcome to EpicSki!
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skis - line prophet 100's.  If you're good get the 186, if you're okay get the 179.
boots - see a bootfitter.  preferably jeff bergeron in breckenridge
bindings - marker jester

If you do this, you will be happy.

or, if you want to do some legwork, just go see a bootfitter, preferably jeff bergeron in breckenridge.  then demo skis from a shop that will allow you to apply demo rental money to the purchase of a new pair of skis, and put the marker jester bindings on them.
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Hey Man! Welcome to 2 planks! You will not be disappointed! 

I ride twin tip skis every single day of the year. Different ones for different conditions of course, since you need a quiver for sure. If you are looking for an all around twin tip to ski every day of the year, including park days... you should check out the Lib Tech NAS Freeride in the 188. That MagneTraction is no joke on skis. It works great. I ride the Pow Recurves most everyday that is not a DEEP pow day, got some Praxis Powder Boards for those days. I love them. They ski really well, have a great spin weight and stick to hardpack really well. Which is saying a lot for how big those Pow Recruves are. With that the NAS Freeride in a 188 would be an awesome all mountain stick. 

For some variety, you could also check out:
  • Praxis Skis - Mountain Jib
  • Armada ARV
  • Salomon Czar or Shogun
  • Line Prophet 100

As for bindings, there is only 1 binding that is any good in my opinion. That is the Salomon STH 16. It is light and you can have that higher din as you grow in strength and ability. The newer STH 14 and 12 oversize are sketchy. The classic style and tried and trusted design in the STH16 is the best out there. 

Boots, you should got with whatever fits your foot the best. Try on all the 100+ flex boots in the shop. I personally like Full Tilt, Dalbello, Black Diamond and Salomon boots... but your foot is different than mine. If you can get a boot with a Hot Form / Mouldable liner, you are stoked! That's the fit for sure. Don't skimp on boots. Get footbeds... spend the money on making your feet love the entire day. 

If you have any questions, reply to the forum. 
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I 2nd the recommendation on the Prophet but i would go with the Prophet 90 instead of the Prophet 100. Another ski that i really love is the Volkl Bridge, it's similar to the Prophet, might want to check it out.

For boots, make sure you go to a boot fitter so they can measure your foot and get you in a boot that fits. If the boot is too wide you will slide  around and get blisters, if its too narrow your foot will cramp and get cold easily. What surprised me is that a boot that is too wide is usually only too wide by 2 or 3mm (mm!).

good luck!
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I completely agree on the Volkl Bridge. Throw the Marker Griffon Schizo on that and you can not only take these anywhere in any condition but you can move the binding forward and back depending what terrain you happen to be skiing at the time.
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