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Over-Glasses goggles

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 Hello, I'm new to skiing, only been once in my life.

I have prescription glasses beneath my goggles, and the goggles made my glasses fog up immediately which forced me to not using the goggles at all. 

I have searched for some over-glasses goggles and found these:

Oakley Proven OTG

Does any of you know if they work? Are there better alternatives?
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 My husband has used the Smith Turbo Fan OTG goggles for several years while dirt biking and skiing.  He won't consider skiing without them.
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Lifelong glasses wearer here. (Have not been able to make contacts work for me yet.)

The first rule of all goggle wearing in cold weather is that you MUST put the goggles on your face BEFORE you go outside, and then KEEP them on. (E.g., don't pull the goggle off when you're on the lift or whatever. Just put them on in the lodge and don't take them off again for any reason until you're back in the lodge. The colder the air temperature, the more crucial it is to follow this practice.) The inside of the goggle lens - and, in your case, your glasses lenses as well - have to remain warm. Once the lenses are cold, then the warm moist air next to your skin that builds up inside the goggle will condense on them instantly.

Assuming you follow this rule assiduously, then there are minor things that can help, including:

Make sure you're using a double-lens goggle
Try putting anti-fog treatment on the goggle and glasses - e.g., "Cat Crap" or just a bit of dilute soapy water
Make sure they really fit evenly and comfortable all around the perimeter, without bearing anywhere on your glasses or helmet. It's risky to buy goggles online without having tried them on first with your glasses and helmet.

For what it's worth, I have been wearing the Scott Storm OTG for several years, and it's worked well for me. Mates nicely with a Giro "Nine" helmet, shape-wise. The lenses do scratch easily, though. The POC "Lobes" goggle fits me well, too, even though it's not advertised as an OTG goggle. However, they cost a lot and never seem to go on sale.
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 I've dealt with defogging 3 surfaces for 30 years.

1. Take your glasses with you when trying on goggles. Even small glasses may be wider across the earpieces than you think. I've had to cut slots in the side foam to get hingeless titanium frames to fit.

2. Smith Turbos work, if they fit. Come in different sizes.

3. Defog both glasses surfaces before putting your goggles on, and do that inside, as above. Catcrap didn't work for me, but the liquids do, altho they're just diluted soap. Rest room hand soap works, but you have to wipe it well to avoid streaks. The antifog cloths are useless. Don't touch the inside surface of the goggle lens. It already has defog on it, and it's soft.

4. I'm having my cataracts out right after ESA Stowe, so I won't have to worry about it any more. No myopia for the first time in 60 years. 
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I was really happy with my Brikos except that on a handful of days each year I had fogging problems with my glasses.  Last year we had company and needed another pair of goggles to complete the ski gear for one of our guests.  I decided it would be a great excuse for a new pair and I accidentally fixed the fogging problem completely when I bought a pair of Smith I O goggles.   Haven't fogged up at all since I've been using them and I don't take *any* actions to reduce the chances of it happening.  Doesn't matter when or where I put my goggles on, my glasses never fog.
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I just picked up some Smith Knowledge OTG, and while i haven't had a chance to ski with them yet, I can already tell i love the fit.  They are slightly large, but they can fit most glasses quite well.  The best advice has been given though - go to a store where you can try them with the glasses you will ski with..
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 Great replies guys! 

I live in northern europe though, and I need to try them out before buying, thus buying them online is not an option. I only have the so many OTG glasses to choose from though, the ones I presented, and the ones I have now.

I currently have a pair called "Scott unlimited OTG". 

Are they better or worse then the Oakley Proven OTG?

Thanks a lot for all of your replies!
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I used to use smith's OTG goggle but in the end just started to ski with contacts so it didn't matter so much...
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I concur with Trekchick

Smith Turbo fans changed my wife's life (and mine as attendant at fogging meltdown events)

The batteries last weeks, on low speed fan noise is unobtrusive, and they fit with her Giro 9 helmet ok (but not perfectly across the forehead)

The only gripe is sometimes the switch is fiddly.

Happy wife, happy life!

I saw another brand in a gondola queue in Japan last January with two fans and a better switch but haven't been able to find them
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