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Quote from a Pro

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"I had a better time snowboarding in two weeks than I had all year playing golf." — David Duval.

I can't think of any sport I enjoy as much as skiing. I must not be as good at it as David is at golf.

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That's a great quote. But if you think about it, although I'm sure golf is still fun for him, it's proabably also pretty stressful. To be as good at skiing as he is at golf, your name would need to be Bode Miller. Or at least Daron Rahlves.
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can ya just imagine the divots he left behind ....

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Come to think about it, I'm surprised he tried snowboarding. What's the most common injury in snowboarding? Wrist injuries. That'd really suck if David Duval busted a wrist trying to learn to snowboard.
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David has been riding for a number of years now.

Coming back from a number of injuries he was so close to being back to top form last year. Good Luck this season, David. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

There are a number of PGA and LPGA tour pros who enjoy relief from the stress of competition on the slopes. A few have even suffered injuries that have delayed their competitive season. Like all of us, they make a choice.
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