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Set up Rossignol Saphir 90 TPi2 binding

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I understand the warranty warning regarding DYI binding. Anyway I tried to set up Rossignol Saphir 90 TPi2 integrated binding on Avalon twin tips.  The binding is probably 08-09 version, RC80101.

It is for my son.  He is 4'9'', 90lb and type 2 skier. The boot is 25.5 mondo and 290-292mm long. So I glided the toe piece in 288-301 setting and heel piece to B/2 setting.  The boot went into the binding ok.

I plan to set the DIN to between 2.75 to 3.

Here are my questions for experts.

1) Did I do everything right so far?
2) Do I pick the right DIN?
3) How should I set and verify the forward pressure?
4) Anyone has the technical manual for the binding to share? 

Thanks a lot!!!
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1. Yepp
2. Calculator/table etc. says 3 for the numbers you've provided, so yes, assuming they're correct.
3. In theory you already have, by mounting the heel and toe in the right positions. To double check, locate the little oval window in the heel housing below the heel lever. When the boot is engaged the yellow marker should fill approx. half the window. If it fills all/almost all of the window move the heel forward a notch and recheck. Likewise, if you can see no/hardly any yellow then move the heel back a notch and recheck.
4. http://www.puszczka.com/~andy/Dynastar-Look-Rossi-TechManual-0809.pdf
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Squawker, thanks for that link, needed it.
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oops...double post
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Thanks much,Squawker.  The forward pressure indicator has a groove line / cut.  After the boot set in binding, the groove line is almost in the half position of oval window.  I guess I did it right.

Rossignol dealer or dealer for other brand bindings should do twist and lean tests to make sure the binding release under the correct forces.  Obviously I do not have the right tools to do that.

So do you or anyone know how often those tests actually find errors?

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Yeah, its a notch on the Nova/NX heel - I was thinking of PX where half is black and half is yellow. But yepp, that sounds perfect.

I'm the wrong one to ask about torque tests - I'd be surprised if any of my bindings (currently about 18 pairs) has ever been tested. My experience in Norway is that they screw 'em on, set the forward pressure if you've actually brought your boots in, and screw the release setting to weight in kilos divided by 10 (I'm sure some places use the charts, but they only ever ask for weight and BSL so I guess everyone gets Type II). And I've never signed off on any paperwork or received any in connection with a binding mount - that's everywhere from big box retail stores to one of the country's top racing depts.
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My son skied on the binding for a week.  It releases when it should.  So I guess it works.
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