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Skier's Edge Question

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I purchased a 1st generation skiers edge machine and starting to use it.  I have the resisitance settings at 5, which is less than the recommended tension for my weight of 180lbs.  Despite this, I can't seem to get the large range of motion that I see on the videos.  I am confident that the power bands are installed correctly.  Can anyone tell me if it is just a question of acclimation and eventually I will be able to increase my range?  Thanks!
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The harder you work the machine, the more travel. In my daily work out I do not come close to max travel, but when I really crank down and make hard, fast 'turns', I nearly max it out.

The better shape you are in, the 'bigger' turns you will make at a faster pace.  Make sense?

I would say it takes around 5000 turns to really get balanced and accustomed to the machine.

Try it without poles...carefully.
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I've found the same thing that Snowfan stated.  It takes time to get use to it and get it really working.  Be careful without poles.  Its a great workout.
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