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Boot softening

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Before deciding whether to soften my Dobbermann WC150 by cutting I am going to ski them for a day or two with the spine bolts removed.

The question is which one should I take out the top or bottom and whether it would make a difference?
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try both and see.

most people not notice much with only one removed,  but try all the combos and see

the boots might be softer, and the rebound might be effected too.
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Thanks mntlion

I tried all the combinations today, as background the boots are shell size 25 fitted with Zipfit world cup liners (thanks CEM they fit perfect  ) which may make them even stiffer than 150 and world cup boosters.

Definatly to stiff for all mountain use with both bolts in though if you hit the turn right the rebound is great

With top bolt in and bottom out there is no real difference to the standard setup

With bottom bolt in and top out slightly softer with rebound but still to stiff

Both bolts out just the right flex but significantly less rebound.

Do you think cutting down to the marked lines will give a similiar flex to the no bolts option and will it retain the rebound?

Many thanks

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How much do you weigh? High speeds(G loads)?  both of these along with your fore/aft position over the boot will affect the feeling of stiffness.
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trim 5mm (about 1/2 of what the dotted lines show) and put back in 1 or 2 bolts.

you can always trim more if needed.  Go slow, trim 1/2 what you think you need to.

put the shell in hot water to make it softer to cut too,   grinding is an easy way to remove material too
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Thanks guys I will try the 5mm first and see how it feels

I am a lightweight around 72kg about 160lbs I like fast gs turns which the boot is great for but need to make plenty of tight slalom turns

for the narrow runs we have here so think it will be easier with some softening, I will use a dremel and go slowly!
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