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Ott is back

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I missed you all and I'm glad to be back. From Christmas 'till now there is so much to catch up to, I'll read it as I have time...

Santa Fe got the brunt of the two Christmas storms, 31 inches of snow, while the first one missed Taos, 74 miles to the north, entirely and the second one just left about 8 inches..consequently the skiing was terrific in Santa Fe, albeit somewhat hard packed, just right for us midwesterners, and some loose stuff could still be found between the trees.

Taos on the other hand had three blue slopes on the upper mountain and green ones from top to bottom open. Kachina bowl was all brown rocks with no snow in it and most black runs from the rim did not have continuous snow. The few blacks that were open had been skied out and had rocks which could not be avoided in a rhythmic run. We saw only three skiers on them and the sounds were horrible.

We did not go to Taos to ski blue and green runs on machine-made hardpack, with the greens being cat tracks and the only way to get off the mountain. I hope the storms yesterday did them some good. Last Saturday there were less than 500 skiers there by my estimate, every fourth or fifth quad chair had a couple of skiers on it and half the chairs didn't run.

Three incidents stick in my mind. First, my wife Ann, on a black run, had a schussboomer hit the tips of her skis as she was finishing a turn, knocking of her skis and her for a loop resulting in a pull in her groin and rib bruises, she insisted I ski while she rested two days, she skied normally the rest of the vacation but still takes a couple of aspirins every four hours for pain in her rib section.

The second incident happened as I skied ahead of Ann on the rigth side of an intermediate slope in Santa Fe when out of the woods, between two pine trees, a boarder shoots out into the slope just fifteen feet , one turn away, in front of me. He was neck hight and landed about thirty feet into the slope and in ten seconds was out of sight.

I didn't get thrown off my rhythm and continued on a piece then stopped to ask Ann if she saw that. As she stopped by me she was very pale, saying that she suspected that these boarders travel in bunches an in her mind's eye could see the next one come out and take my head off as I made the next turn.

Third, on one of the days I skied by myself on Parachute, a black cruiser in Santa Fe, in the middle of the slope I hit a rock the size of two fists, it flew up and rolled ahead and I hit it again on my next turn and it rolled over my ski tips on the turn therafter. I caught it and tucked it under my arm and skied down with it and placed it on a window sill at the lodge with the intent to punish it by pulverizing it with a hammer from my truck so that it's silent cries would be heard by it's siblings on the slopes and they would duck under the snow in fear.

Alas, by the end of the skiing day the rock was gone, either thrown away by the cleaning crew or it snuck undeteted back to the slope, but if I ever hit it again, NO MERCY!

Otherwise, we had a great time. ....Ott
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Welcome back.
What the heck is a schussboomer?
You have a very entertaining manner of writing. I've enjoyed it since I joined.
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Welcome back Ott! I hope you and Ann are Okay! I've been having some breakthroughs {read my "first is better" post, and its nice to have an objective minds around.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Welcome Back Ott:

Words that are lost but sound good when they return....like schussboomer and stitzmark.

What I would like to hear once more is the polite call of "track right".

If my memory serves, schuss is to ski across and the boomer part is too damned fast or careless.
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yuki and sippy, schuss means going straight down the fall line, the fastest way down, and boomer, as yuki guessed, is way too fast and hardly in control.

Thanks Lisamarie and Gonzo, Ann's groin muscle is OK and her rib bruise hurts when she touches it or sometimes when she rolls over at night, but it seems to be healing by itself.

Gonzo, in which thread was that discussion with those kids and did AC delete it?

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Ott -

There were numerous threads in the main section of this forum, but the two that degenerated the most were 'View from the Sandbox..." and "Are you all a bunch of gapers?".
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Thanks, Rio, I read some of the stuff, but I consider my time to be too valuable to get too far into that, after all, at age 68 I may have only 40-50 more good years left...

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Welcome back Ott. Wow, you sound a lot more calm about those incidents than I would be. Glad to hear Ann is OK. Too bad we have people like that running around. Seen some crashes but never been really hit. I quess it was the lack of runs available. I'll have to remember that. Anyway, as you can tell, you're always missed. I even asked for a story on the other side hoping to calm things down but looks like AC just did it.
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Welcome Back Ott,

I thought you had come out west for a little sliding.

Sounds like you found some snow in places. I'm looking out the window here and finally it's starting to snow. The all might Weather Channel has been blowing it lately. It was suppose to be snowing since Wed but it has been a tease. Well it's snowing now, and I hope that we can pull a foot out of this before it leaves.

There's a couple of posts that remind me of Mikie. ( inside joke Ya all ) To bad we don't have Tim here to straighten that crap out.

Well it's good to have you back.-----Wigs
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Hi BobT and Wigs...as I get older, as everyone does, I am limiting my resources, including about what I will get worked up and teenage vandalism is not one of them.

Too bad about the exitement of an early Winter and start of the season and then, zilch. We had a trip planned to Innsbruck, Austria which I cancelled because my relatives there told me yesterday that in Inssbruck the roses a blooming and none of the locals cosider it worth going skiing because of the snow draught.

Your neck of the woods is in the same baot, while little Boyne Mt, Michgan has snow aplenty. The Great Lakes area, including us, have been pounded by lake effect snow which ends now that Lake Erie is frozen over.

We will wait until beginning of March and do a trip to wherever the snow is then.

Is Bob Barnes on his honeymoon in the Caribs?

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Ott, I took care of that rock. You don't need to have anymore nightmares.
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Milesb: You are so cute!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Welcome back Ott.Hope your wife is feeling better.
You Know there is a reason why I keep coming back here. Where else can I learn what a schussboomer is without going to Germany or Austria.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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Thanks for welcoming me back, it's good to be back...my wife is feeling OK, not much discomfort and it's getting better by the day.

Now that Miles has taken care of that rock, all I have to do is use a whetstone to grind down that part of the edge on my ski that was hardened and which a file won't touch, it just slides across like it was glass...

( I think you are so cute too, Miles )

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Hi Bob, sailing down there is great, isn't it? Did you bare boat and is your bride a sailor?

We skied today in the first sunshine since we got back last weekend and Ann looked as good as ever and said nothing was hurting her. It was 42 degrees and the snow was getting ankle deep mush by the end of the day, great. That seperates the boys from the men, so to speak.

It is so weird that the midwest has plenty of snow and barely any mountains while the west is just the opposite. We cancelled/postponed our Innsbrook trip, they have the same as you guys, a great start in late November/early December and nothing to speak of since, in most area it is not possible to ski to the valley, just to the mid stations and then lift down. All in all, not worth the trip. So far.

Tell me more about the sailing trip.

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Ott, welcome back! That rock was really a petrified snow snake. milesb are you blushing?
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