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Where the White Slopes Are


BushwackerinPA snapped this photo of a group of happy hikers at the top after Skinning Stowe December 2, summing up the trip in a very few words to go with his eloquent pictures: "Long story short pretty thin down low, pretty good on top. snow was edge able on my way oversized touring skis."

New Hampshire

Bretton Woods has great cover, as YoMomma's photos from 11/29/09 and rave review attest: "No ice, no rocks. I should have taken my new skis. I couldn't believe how much snow they got. It was powder and packed powder conditions. The best first day I've ever had in the east. I think they got some kind of freakish storm or something. Wow! Tons of snow!"

British Columbia

wbsr, who reports from the unofficial WhistlerBlackcomb Snow Report, says that, "November 2009 is the snowiest month on record for Whistler Blackcomb with a total of 560cm." For us metrically challenged North Americans, that's 18.37 feet of snowfall! Read his thread for up-to-date snow conditions. EpicSki Bears snofun3 and gnjantzie reported that some rain slicked up the slopes a bit, but where the sun has been is quite decent, "Some pow and crud, but nice and soft."

somegood added his outstanding trip report, Whistler in Deep, with this photo to whet your woohoo! 


Design Your Own EPIC Skis!

<Place jpg of Peter's topsheet design here>

You know what you want in a ski. You've logged many miles on the slopes, demoed more than a few pairs of the latest and greatest, and maybe even reviewed them here on EpicSki. Here's your opportunity to exchange your wisdom for your wallet and actually design a pair of EPICSKIs for a market of one, and that's YOU! Our own krp8128 (Kyle Pilote) will build the skis to your specifications with a topsheet designed by EpicSki's art director, Peter Galletta, if our panel of experts deems yours the winning entry in our exclusive Contest for the EPIC Skis. All you have to do is write a convincing argument in 300 words or less, with whatever eye candy you choose to include at no charge against the word count, in this thread <NOTE: WE WILL NEED TO CREATE THE THREAD IN THE COMMUNITY FORUM AND LINK TO IT HERE> by the midnight (MST) December 18 deadline. We'll run a poll in a companion thread that will go until midnight December 24, with the winner announced December 25. Must play to win!

ESA AspenSnowmass Coming On Fast

There's no time like now to make the decision to advance your skiing to a new level of fun at EpicSki Academy at AspenSnowmass, January 10, 14, 2010. Rather than listening in on a student this time, let's hear from Robin Barnes, one of our stellar coaches, after last year's ESA at AspenSnowmass: "The best thing about the ESA academies is all the wonderful people we get to meet. The worst thing is that I MISS my group after it's all over. Thanks gang for all the energy and enthusiasm. We "got away with something" again!!!"

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